"the lake is known for"
Tricouri One of the "places of power" of Tibet. According to the legend Padmasambhava, defeated one of the demons. The famous monastery of Tirthapuri stands on a rock near hot…

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Volcanic lakes and Italian Goodies
Trip with a visit to the beautiful surroundings of Rome, lakes of volcanic origin and ancient towns. This is a great opportunity to escape from huge cities, to rest body…

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Neva River

The river Neva connects lake Ladoga with the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic sea. Its basin (the area of the catchment) has an area of 281 000 km2. On the nature of the relief pool of the Neva river is divided into two areas approximately on the line Vyborg — Priozersk — Petrozavodsk — Ust-Vidlitsa. South of this line extends in General suboperation soft plain with hilly terrain to the North is the highly — rugged terrain. In General, the flat terrain of the basin. The species pool refers to the forest area. Soils are presented mainly sod-podzol sandy loam and loam, alternating with peat bogs. Forests occupy 55% of the area, swamps—13%, arable lands — 12%.

In the basin of the Neva river there are many lakes — about 50 000, and among them the largest lake in Europe — Ladoga and Onega, with an area of respectively 17 680 km 2 and km 2 9720. Other large lakes include the lake Saimaa in Finland (an area of 4400 km 2 ) and lake Ilmen (the area of 1000 km 2 ). All lakes Nevsky basin cover an area of 48,000 km 2. or 17% of its area. The volume of water in lakes pools huge — 1350 km 3. This water would be enough to power such rivers as the Dnieper, for 25 years, and like don, for 48 years.

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Turkmenistan: Where are you going to relax? In Turkmenistan!

Hotels Flights

The beauty and mysteriousness of nature attracted people since ancient times. And it is not surprising that recently more and more popular is tourism, combining comfortable travel on modern aircraft and ships with elements of a Hiking with a backpack. Agree – spend the night around the campfire under a cloudless starry sky, hanging low-low – romance it! Especially if you have travelled thousands of miles:

In Turkmenistan, following independence, the tourism business quickly and dynamically. State Corporation for tourism and sport and private tourism firms and companies offer a wide range of trips and excursions in our country.

Fans of mountain tourism will offer climbing on mount Dushak (known locally as Erekdag), whose height at the highest point, more than 2500 meters above sea level. Here there are picturesque and deep ravine, at the bottom covered with thickets of juniper (the plant of the juniper family), and pure mountain springs with crystal clear and perfectly thirst-quenching water, and winding paths that are sometimes so difficult to walk with a backpack. Ashgabat has long chosen this peak for Sunday walks and hikes during the holidays. Besides at the foot of the mountain lies the village of Geokdere, which is a first-class holiday home with cosy cottages, modern Continue reading

Beach vacation in Portugal. The most popular beach resorts of Portugal. A holiday in Portugal the sea

Portugal is a country with an abundance of lush greenery and lots of hilly plains. The landscape amazes with its diversity. Here are some of the best beaches in the world where you can spend unforgettable holidays. Coast is in close proximity to high mountains. A holiday in Portugal the sea – this is a great way to get incomparable pleasure from the time spent at the seaside.

Small and very cozy Portugal is a country situated in Western Europe. She is very welcoming and comfortable. The country has ocean coastline of indescribable beauty. The coastline of Portugal, bordering the West and South by the Atlantic ocean. Today, beach holidays in Portugal is in high demand among tourists from all over the world. There are superb sandy beaches, located close to the majestic cliffs and high cliffs. Despite the fact that the country has a sufficiently small area, its landscape is very diverse. This is what gives the special flair of beach tourism in Portugal.

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