Victoria is the largest lake in Africa
Many of us request, "Name the largest lake in Africa" with confidence will answer that is Victoria. Being the source of the Nile river, it occupies the second place in…

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Famous Titicaca lake turns into a swamp - news filed under Mosaic, relevant information, discussion news, discussion on Newsland
The Lake Titicaca. It is located in the Andes on the border between Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain…

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Holidays at the lakes in Khakassia: relax your body and soul on the shore of any lake

Features on the lakes of Khakassia there are several recreation facilities (rest homes): a beautiful recreation “Prestige” on the lake. Bela, recreation “the company” holiday home “breaking the waves”, recreation ‘Oasis”, recreation “At the Rave”, database “Transfiguration”, a cottage on the lake “Reflected” holiday home “Beleski” holiday home “Kotex”, recreation ’s Five Lakes” and recreation complex “Diva” at lake Shira. These are not all the recreation that exist in the waters of the Republic of Khakassia.

Want fun and useful to spend your vacation or just relax with your family and friends, and also to improve your body and your body, then You definitely need to visit Khakassia. It’s amazing beauty and natural diversity of the region. Khakassia has spread its expanse in Eastern Siberia on the left Bank of the Yenisei. Once once in this Paradise, many people prefer to replace the seaside resorts and exotic countries on vacation in Khakassia. This region attracts tourists for its diverse and beautiful nature, which includes vast steppes, intangible, beautiful Continue reading

Rest in Adelani, tours, tours in Adelani, China

Manzhouli is the homeland of the peoples who founded several dynasties in Manchuria and China, and the last and the most famous were the Manchus, who have given their name to the region, conquered in the seventeenth century China and ruled until the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911 until the founding of the PRC.

Reserves, volcanoes and lakes

The region is famous for its natural landscapes: in Adelani is a national nature reserve, with 14 old and new volcanoes. It is a real natural Museum of volcanoes and geological marvel, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Existing over millions of years, these volcanoes have formed a unique natural landscape, and the local mineral springs known for their healing properties, and these sources are known to the tourists who come to tour Udaleny.

Picturesque mountains, crystal clear water, magical sources, bizarre rocks, rare species of flora and fauna, caves Park Udaleny became a very famous place where famous eco-tourism, conducting scientific research and medical therapy.

Volcanoes in Udaleny occupy an area of 720 square kilometers. Some of them are quite young – not more than 300 years, others more than a million years, and some of these volcanoes are the largest volcanoes in China. Udaleny the volcanic field was formed Continue reading

The Geography of Austria. Federal lands and major lakes in Austria

Austria lies in southern Central Europe, its total area is 83 871 km2. It borders with several countries: Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Germany. The total length of its state borders with other countries reached Austria 2.706 km stretches in the latitudinal direction at 580 km, from North to 294 km. About 60% of the territory is covered by mountains and therefore the country is sometimes called the Alpine Republic. This is North Alps – the top of the Hoher-Dachstein reaches a height of 2995 meters and Central crystalline Alps, their highest point is mount großglockner, reaching a height of 3797 meters. The area covered by forests is about 38 % of the whole territory of the country, arable land is about 20 % of the country and 24% is pasture land.

Landscape zone of Austria:

Part of the Eastern Alps (52600 square kilometers, accounts for 62.8% of the country territory)

Part of the Alpine and Carpathian foothills (9500 km 2, of 11.3%)

Spit in the Eastern part of the Pannonian lowland (9500 km 2, of 11.3%)

Part of the plateau in the Bohemian massif (8500 km 2, of 10.2%)

The share of the Vienna basin (3700 km2, or 4.4%)

In Austria about 580 lakes, mostly of glacial origin. The largest lake is lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, approximately 77% of its total Continue reading

Big bear lake
Bear (Big) lake (Great Bear Lake) in the North Western part of British North America, is situated between 64 1/2 to 67° n and 99 and 1/8 105 1/2 °…


Beaches of Madagascar - Nosy Be
Choose the tour Discover the beach resorts of Madagascar. The island of Nosy be (Nosy Be) – business card Spa Madagascar or "Big island", one of the most prominent centers…

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