Scuba diving in Baikal lake - Outlook - have a rest with us
The deep-water lake in the world — Baikal — is a popular site for diving. Located here and in the summer with boats, and in winter directly from ice through…

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THE KELIMUTU VOLCANO IN INDONESIA Unique place located on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Here come the many fans of beautiful and inexplicable. Such a natural picture, like here,…

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A Trip to the lake Synevir

Synevir lake (the resort) is rightly considered the hallmark of the Carpathians. It is a bit larger and one of the most beautiful lakes in Ukraine. Synevyr is also called «Sea Eye», «the Pearl of the Carpathians» . and yet — “Lake lovers” . This drop of the sea among the mountains — «Sea eye» — is located at an altitude of 989 meters. The average depth of the lake — 10-12 meters, maximum — 24 meters. Carpathian miracle is 32 km from the Transcarpathian regional center of Volovo. The path lies along the stream Volovets among the cliffs and gorges Synevyrska pass (more than 800 m above sea level). To the West extends a ridge Borzhava valleys to the South — Owczarski ridge Tops, South-East stands the mountain Strymba, and in the North — mount the heater. Far below lay a scattering of pearls at home the village of Sinevir with blue thread of the river Tereblya.

Synevir lake is full of legends. Above the lake are two high fairy pieces. This Blue and VIR, once lived in these areas. Thanks to their love, according to legend, and there is the lake. They say that blue’s name was the count’s daughter. Heard a girl Continue reading

8 amazing lakes in the world

The majority of large and small lakes is not only a source of drinking water, but also important tourist sites. Before you eight amazing lakes in the world, we will tell you what exactly they are remarkable and why they are worth seeing.

Titicaca: the largest reserves of fresh water mountain lake

Where: South America; Peru and Bolivia

Its area is comparable to the size of Crete — about 8300 sq km. From the plane it looks like a sea, but when viewed from the shore in places is reminiscent of a marsh overgrown with reeds. The people here move carefully, looking at the ground, as they walk on muddy dirt. Cane everywhere and do everything — clothes, hats, bags, home and the island on which they live. There is a legend that long ago the Aymara Indians, crossing his pirogue in the lake, were on the territory of the Incas. To get the two peoples failed, but to go home the proud Aymara did not — decided that it will float on the lake. Since they live on the reed Islands, rafts, decoration reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian court.

Change: the high-mountain crater lake

Where there are: Asia; on the border of China and North Korea.

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The Natural Park Aya, Aya lake

The natural Park “Traveler” is located in the foothills of the Altai mountains, namely on the territory of the Altai district of Altai Krai. In Turkic languages Altai means “Golden”. This name also reflects the legends about countless treasures of nomadic tribes and real deposits of gold in the generous land and the unique beauty of local places.

Gorny Altai is the highest mountainous region of Siberia. The mountains here rise to a height of over 4000 m above sea level and the peaks are perennially covered by snow. The Highest peak of the Mountain of Altai – Belukha mountain. Its height is 4506 meters above sea level.

Gorny Altai is famous not only for its mountain peaks, but also diverse and unique landscapes. There are a lot of lakes of various sizes – from very tiny to huge. Biggest and most famous lake in the Mountain Altai – the lake Teletskoye. Its depth of over 300 metres long, just under 90 miles. Lake Teletskoe is among 20 deepest lakes in the world and is the second largest natural reservoir of fresh water, conceding superiority only to lake Baikal.

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Holidays at the lakes in Khakassia: relax your body and soul on the shore of any lake
Features on the lakes of Khakassia there are several recreation facilities (rest homes): a beautiful recreation “Prestige” on the lake. Bela, recreation “the company" holiday home "breaking the waves", recreation…


Slovenia. by - portal of the country. Leisure, attractions, map, news Macao
About Slovenia. With love Wonder at the beauty of this small country begin as soon as preciese its borders. It seems that there is no place more beautiful. Tourists eyes…

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