Cerro Verde – the conquest of the volcano Santa Ana
In General, one of the main attractions of Salvador is the volcanoes. In this country spans only 200 km there are about 25 active and extinct volcanoes, so as not…

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Rivers, lakes and wetlands
In the Park the river network is poorly developed. Major rivers are absent and there are only relatively large sources of the rivers Polomet and Avon. River valleys in the…

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The Lake Turgoyak and the mysterious dolmens of the island of Faith

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Description: we Invite you to spend a weekend on beautiful lake Turgoyak is a large freshwater lake in the Chelyabinsk region near the city of Miass. The monument of nature. Rarely on our planet where there are just mountains, the lake in these mountains, and conifer forest. Show all..

One of such amazing places is located in the southern Urals – lake Turgoyak!

Lake Turgoyak because of its depth, transparency, and beauty called the younger brother of Baikal. International Limnological Commission of the lake included in the list of the most valuable reservoirs of the world.

Many mysteries keeps not only the lake itself but also the island of Faith, named after the hermit who lived here in the 19th century and built of local old believers during the life of the Saint. Vera island is full of wonders!

There is a beautiful legend, rather, of historical hypothesis. Lake Turgoyak — 15 million years, people have settled in the bowl of Golden valley since time immemorial. And the island of Faith — energy heart of the valley and lakes — served as the realm of the dead. Ancient people buried their leaders “over the water”, and then the line Continue reading

Fishing (build)

Fishing on the lake of Hurgan-Nur with inflatable rubber boats.

Fishing on the river Kobdo Goal.

Transfer to lake Dayan – one of the largest and pristine lakes of Mongolia, is rich in fish (grayling, Osman, purple swamphens) and waterfowl (swans, geese, ducks, etc.)

Lake Tolbo-Nur richly as Altai Osman, grayling, and lake. The lake khoton-Nuur close to the border with China lies surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Here the cross-border area and the territory of the reserve. Particularly aggressive grayling caught fast in the Bayou between lakes of khoton Nuur and Hurgan-Nur.

Fishing in lake and rivers flowing into the lake Terhi-Tsagaan-Nuur. Lake Terhi-Tsagaan-Nuur, is located in the foothills of the Khangai in Central Mongolia, at an altitude of 2060 m above sea level, 175 km West of Tsetserleg. The lake was formed from rivers of the North and South Tarkin goal, which originated from Khangai mountain range, and many years ago were covered with streams of hot lava thrown from the volcano togoo. The lake area is 16 km2. Length of lake is 16 km, width 4-10 km and depth more than 20 m. the lake is rich In fish, the mountain streams flowing into the lake is home to pike, lenok, taimen. The Northern shore of the lake is steep – to rocky mountains without a single tree, South – sloping. In the center of the lake is the island. Continue reading

MK: Trip to lake Seliger

In Central Russia between Moscow and St.   Petersburg . among forest hills Valdai hills lies the lake Seliger. As such, common in the conventional concept of the lake does not exist. Most likely, Seliger looks like intricate chain of lakes, interconnected into a unified system of narrow canals – the rivers that provide the movement of huge water masses.

To get from Moscow to Seliger there are two routes on the Leningrad highway and Novorizhskoe highway M9 . To go on Leningradke is to go with the big tubes. Leningradka is chunks along the route in areas Gangways, Solnechnogorsk, Klin, Tver bypass, very often had to go on the shoulder to avoid a traffic jam of trucks would otherwise have to waste half an hour of precious time. Sometimes though drivers of the trucks cunningly block the road and have to stand, one happy for a little while. On Leningradke have to go to Torzhok, and then leave through the town Ostashkov.

In Torzhok there was a quarantine, warned the inscription at the entrance to the city . apparently to ensure that people do not buy pork. After Torzhok – straight road to Ostashkov city where he begins to lake Seliger. To stay on lake Seliger in the tents, and modern hotels. I ostavalsya in the hotel «Peckova”, in the search for the most Continue reading