The Hydrography of the Voronezh region
[caption id="attachment_1223" align="alignleft" width="300"] KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] Hydrography determine the Voronezh region 125 of the rivers, of which 53 – with a stable water regime throughout the year and…

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Cerro Verde – the conquest of the volcano Santa Ana
In General, one of the main attractions of Salvador is the volcanoes. In this country spans only 200 km there are about 25 active and extinct volcanoes, so as not…

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A Trip to the lake Synevir

Synevir lake (the resort) is rightly considered the hallmark of the Carpathians. It is a bit larger and one of the most beautiful lakes in Ukraine. Synevyr is also called «Sea Eye», «the Pearl of the Carpathians» . and yet — “Lake lovers” . This drop of the sea among the mountains — «Sea eye» — is located at an altitude of 989 meters. The average depth of the lake — 10-12 meters, maximum — 24 meters. Carpathian miracle is 32 km from the Transcarpathian regional center of Volovo. The path lies along the stream Volovets among the cliffs and gorges Synevyrska pass (more than 800 m above sea level). To the West extends a ridge Borzhava valleys to the South — Owczarski ridge Tops, South-East stands the mountain Strymba, and in the North — mount the heater. Far below lay a scattering of pearls at home the village of Sinevir with blue thread of the river Tereblya.

Synevir lake is full of legends. Above the lake are two high fairy pieces. This Blue and VIR, once lived in these areas. Thanks to their love, according to legend, and there is the lake. They say that blue’s name was the count’s daughter. Heard a girl Continue reading

Journey to the lakes. Lake Como – Part 3. Bright magazine travel

Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes of the European continent. Along the coast built villas of aristocrats. The lake’s unusual shape and the most beautiful place – the confluence of three channels, where is the town of Bellagio.

The people here are mostly of Mature age. All the decorum, measured and beautiful. Here you can ride a helicopter or seaplane to fly over the lake. You can go by steamer or boat to Bellagio, or simply sunbathe on the terrace or by the lake.

The very contemplation of the lake under different weather and different time of the day is already in full relaxation and peace.

The next lake on our way – Lago di Piano which is located on the way between Tremezzo and Lugano.

When you see a certain lake, you begin to get used to them. It was the last Italian lake, ahead of us was waiting for the Swiss lakes. Interestingly, a customs post between Italy and Switzerland is still alive and in the booth with the inscription DOGANA (customs) customs officers actively working, which selectively stop the car. We did not stop. Changes in architecture and already instead of the usual houses Chalet appear.

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Slovenia. by – portal of the country. Leisure, attractions, map, news Macao

About Slovenia. With love

Wonder at the beauty of this small country begin as soon as preciese its borders. It seems that there is no place more beautiful. Tourists eyes open endless green hills, manicured vineyards, mountain lakes with crystal clear water. Even more excited about Slovenia visit comes after a visit to the limestone caves, visit Triglav national Park, thermal springs, the famous lake bled and Bohinj, you’ll see Juliska Alps, ancient castles and relax on the beaches of the Adriatic sea.

Slovenia is a hospitable, prosperous country with a stable economy. The size is two times less than Switzerland, is located on the land between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. In the South-West of the country is small, only 50 kilometers, out to sea. Simple calculations show that for each inhabitant of the country has about 4 inches of the shoreline. The Slovenian coast of the Adriatic sea is dotted with hotels of different level of comfort. In autumn and spring, when the weather is particularly mild and favourable, it is best to go in the most beautiful city in the country on a sightseeing holiday. Definitely worth visiting the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Also in cool days especially pleased to improve health Continue reading