Lazdijai tourism information centre - Lazdijai district
Lazdijai district The name of Lazdijai city originates from the name of Laddie river, which flows through the city (another name of the river – Raisutis). However, it is unclear…

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Famous Titicaca lake turns into a swamp - news filed under Mosaic, relevant information, discussion news, discussion on Newsland
The Lake Titicaca. It is located in the Andes on the border between Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain…

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Cruise “Baikal Odyssey” on the ship “Empire,” 8 days

Feel the beauty and breath of lake Baikal in the comfortable journey through the deepest lake on the planet! Feature a seven – day cruise of the Bay of Sosnovka, located on the territory of the Baikal reserve. From the Bay of Sosnovka leads mountain path, ascending which, you will see the majestic cliffs of the Barguzin ridge, the volcanic lake and the crystal cascades waterfalls, and in the vicinity of the village Davsha – will be seen wild Siberian animals.

The price of the cruise included:

Full Board

Excursions, recreational payments

Meeting with the shaman

Visit bath

Services of a guide.

Visit the local Museum

Fishing on Board

A visit to the rookery of seals

The passenger capacity of the m/s «Empire”:


The route: Listvyanka settlement-toe Fat (CBR) is a deep Incense – O. Ogoi-Bay Sosnovka – Small Ushkany island – Chivyrkuy Bay (Snake Bay ) – the Barguzin valley – Olkhon island (Khuzhir) -Bay Academic (b. Sandy) – the village Listvyanka

When visiting Ushkanyi Islands, the presence of the Baikal seal rookery is not guaranteed;

Before visiting the hot springs (Chivyrkuy Bay, Snake Bay) you should consult with your doctor.


– the distances defined on the map of oz. Baikal. The actual distance in each flight may vary in the range of 5-10 % (estimated). This is due to the weather conditions (wind, wave, visibility). Captain in order to ensure safe navigation, can change the course of the vessel, resulting in increased distance traveled;

actual fuel consumption depends on many factors: the speed/min main engines, technical state of diesels, weather conditions (oncoming or passing wind direction and turbulence). Side wind and wave can also affect the course of the vessel, resulting in increased distance traveled; Ships with two engines under favorable weather conditions and if time permits, you can go on one engine. When this speed decreases, but increases the running time and hence fuel consumption (1 engine) for the distance travelled will increase;

– at a preset speed 14 km/hour the time of arrival (departure), the stopping times in each specific item can be changed.

To go on a cruise You can contact the company «Eastland”.


LAKES RESOURCES One of the main natural resources of the Republic are lakes, water resources – water resources suitable for use in the household. The quantity and quality of resources…


Armenia - travel Agency Magic Tours
Armenia one can meet more miracles, I would call first of all Armenia . Armenia is a country of the South Caucasus, located in the Northwest of the Armenian highlands,…

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