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Beautiful moraine lake. Canada. Discussion on LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries

Glacial moraine lake in Banff national Park, Canada

You know, where you can see amazing landscapes of mountains, beautiful lake with crystal clear water surrounded by glaciers-red, enjoy views of the Alpine rivers that flow rapidly up from the snowy peaks? This mix “of colors and impressions” you will find, if you go to Canada on a glacial moraine lake in Banff national Park.

Where is a glacial moraine lake – a treasure of the rocky mountains

It is a place with romantic scenery, you’ll be in the canadian Banff national Park, near which, at 14 kilometres, from the village of lake Louise, at the height of 1885 meters, in the valley of the Ten peak.

Glacial moraine lake – a treasure of the rocky mountains and a real “big living natural sapphire”!

Athorne glacier lake “eats” at the expense of glaciers and, unfortunately, filled only by June. During this period water acquires unusual bright blue light!

On this moraine lake in Canada vividly and majestically stretches the snowy tops of the mountains Wenkchemna. And there was glacial lake due to the big shift “fragments” of rock.

The beauty of the surrounding landscapes

The scenery surrounding the lake even more picturesque. Everything is so pleasing to the eye and soul, that, finding himself there, forget about all problems and troubles raging somewhere far away.

Not less picturesque Crescent lake surrounded by greenery and located in the middle of the desert.

Endless forests and mountain open spaces, under a snow blanket and water, so beautiful and clean.

This ethereal beauty created by nature, enveloped from head to toe.

And the air, is a separate issue, not touch which is simply impossible! Fresh, clean, cold, full of the aroma of the forest, but at the same time, not cloying and does not cause dizziness!

Stay on the glacier lake moraine in Banff national Park

For example, young couples can easily spend unforgettable days honeymoon, and this place will be the beginning of a long fruitful relationship of the newlyweds.

Big family is also a great time, admiring the beauty and splendor of Banff national Park and boating on the pond ice.

Men can go fishing!

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Here is another place that has impressed us with their chic, beauty and uniqueness!

How many unidentified places exist on Earth? Is there a natural limit to the imagination. Explore and find out the answers to these questions with us!