The Lake Serverswith in Denmark on a map, how to get there
Lake Serverswith On the island in the middle of Voir Faroe Islands there is a wonderful lake Serversman (Lativan). This pond covers an area of 3.4 km2 and is the…

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Large lakes of the world - history of the world. The history of Russia and world history
Currently many people do not understand the word lake. The fact that many tourists describe it as something quiet and small. And in a sense they are right, but only…

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“the lake is known for”


One of the “places of power” of Tibet. According to the legend Padmasambhava, defeated one of the demons. The famous monastery of Tirthapuri stands on a rock near hot springs and around the cave where Padmasambhava meditated.

Chiu monastery (the monastery of the Bird)

Here is a lifetime Buddha sculpture-Comdance. From the top of the monastery offers great views of lake Rakshas Tal and Manasarovar, and the snow-capped peaks of Kailas and Gurla Mandates.

The name of the monastery means “little bird”. Apparently, this name was given to it because of the small size and high accuracy of positioning. Live in the monastery only three or four monks.

The Cave Of Padmasambhava

According to the legend Padmasambhava spent the last seven days of his life, before ascended to heaven over a rainbow on a horse.

O. Manasarovar (“Victory lake”)

a: the Rakshasa (“lake Demon”)

In front of Kailas there are two sacred lakes-twin Rakshasa TP (Langata) and Manasarovar. In a pair of lake Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal represent light and darkness, the lake Manasarovar has a rounded shape, and the Rakshas tal – the shape of a Crescent.

Lake Manasarovar is at a height of 4557 metres above sea level and is one of the highest lakes in the world. The lake area is about 520 km2, depth is 82 m. in Winter the lake freezes. The valley in which the lake is limited from the South the Great Himalaya and to the North by the Kailas range. Just West of lake Manasarovar is lake Rakshas TP. They are bound by a natural duct length of 10 km, which in wet periods the water flow in lake Rakshas TP. The sources of the rivers Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Indus and Ghaghra (Karnali) are located near these lakes. Most of the year in the lake reflected the huge dome of mount Kailash. The beauty of the lake is striking; the color is incredibly rich in water, ranging from clear blue around the shores to emerald green closer to the center. Manasarovar is surrounded by eight Buddhist monasteries.

According to legend, on large flowers and Lotus leaves floating on the water surface of this lake, I like to relax great naked – supernatural Mahatmas of Shambala. Their figure with a radiant halo around your head I often see the locals. The lake Manasarovar in Hinduism, as in Buddhism, is also sacred, its waters lie in the shadow of a great mountain, that lake, that which is born in the mind of God. It was created to show the power and Majesty of the Manas (mind) of God-Brahma. Initially the lake was called Manas Sara, the Tibetan name of the lake sounds like Macro, “cool water lake” or Maps-umco, “the Unconquerable Lake”. The Indian poet Kalidasa wrote in the III century B. C. “When the water of Manasarovar touches the body, when anyone bathes therein, he will go to Paradise of Brahma. Who drinks its water will go to heaven of Shiva and shall be released from the sins of 100 lifetimes. Even the beast which bears the name of Manasarovar will go to Paradise of Brahma. Its water – pearls”.

According to the legend, the lake is bathed Maya, mother of Buddha, before the birth of our son.

Lake Manasarovar is the most highly located on the Ground by the pond with fresh water. But water is not just fresh; tests confirm that it is extremely clean and remains so for many millennia. Manasarovar is surrounded by eight Buddhist monasteries. On religious beliefs, the lake along with the mansions symbolized by the image of the great Wheel of life with eight spokes. The believers are here for the parikrama, the Holy bypass, occupying from four to six days. The legend says that here is Paradise on earth, and grow herbs, healing from all diseases of mind and body. Indeed, in the vicinity of the Manasarovar grow many kinds of medicinal plants; there are medicinal radioactive sources. The lake is rich in trout, carp and other freshwater fish. Manasarovar – the most sacred, revered and famous lake in all of Asia. Kailash and Manasarovar a sacred called the perfect couple: male and female, father-heaven and mother-earth. It is considered that a pilgrimage around Kailas is harmonious, you must first make the crust – the sacred lake bypass.

Lang-TSO, also Langak, Rasas, Rakshastal – brackish lake, at a height of 4541 meters, has a length of 28 km, a width of 14 km and an area of about 360 km2. According to mythology, the lake was created by the Lord of the rakshasas, the demon Ravana. On the lake there was a special island, where every day he sacrificed to Shiva one of his goals. On the tenth day, Shiva gave Ravana superpowers.

The lake lang-TSO is in the juxtaposition created by the gods to lake Manasarovar. In the lake Manasarovar water fresh and fresh, while in lang-TSO is brackish, it is not native algae and fish.