Lazdijai tourism information centre - Lazdijai district
Lazdijai district The name of Lazdijai city originates from the name of Laddie river, which flows through the city (another name of the river – Raisutis). However, it is unclear…

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The Lake Turgoyak and the mysterious dolmens of the island of Faith
To join the group . Information Description: we Invite you to spend a weekend on beautiful lake Turgoyak is a large freshwater lake in the Chelyabinsk region near the city…

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And again the lake Bursal (love hadovka, the body, and all the anthers, which touched salt) and have a nice car wash in the Slavgorod)))

Yesterday, squally wind without repeated trip on lake Borlynskoe to enjoy fully its beauty.

The lake is Unique, with the tides, very volatile, there is no source that feeds it…and would wonder if in 30 years it will still be live…

In the lake salt production on an industrial scale.

How much it decreased in size becomes clear when you slap on 600 meters of salt…to get to the water.

Of course, anyone who approached the water as we for the first time, probably mentally said goodbye and with a body and with hodowli and with all the rubber bands. the lake is nothing and no one will be spared. it is ready to cure even people intruding in his possession.

Souls on the Bank of the little rescues.

After the lake we went to wash…

Car wash is located at Novosibirsk highway at the entrance to the city, 150 meters away from the entrance to the city and perpendicular to the road.

Headed by her uncle Sergei. And also washing machine along with my niece.

Ordered to wash the patriot zatraty well, Yes my pasadika. All wet cleaning. Andryukha has ordered a vacuum cleaner and I did not.

Generally tell me that my car is ready, I open the door and ofigevayu. Everything shines with cleanliness and the mats were in a ton of salt and sand and are not washed. ask them what a joke, and I answer reluctantly that the mats are cleaner and do not wash them separately. Tale and not sink. Well figs with it, it is not clear why it had not been reported initially to pay extra for a vacuum cleaner.

To pick up the car, look inside, there is a plastic connector…or rather the entire back of the mirror which is installed on the wing(it came off the mound and was therefore temporarily in the cabin).

Ask the girls miusa car not whether she had seen a piece of plastic, she happily asks not from the mirror, I say to him darling, and guess what…no she’s not from the trash took it to his Prairie in the corner of the benches in the sink… then it is possible for 300 rubles to push someone.

Here I just won’t anymore.

Most large lakes of the world (Part-3)
  Closes the three largest lakes are Victoria lake in East Africa, in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Located in a tectonic trough of the East African platform, at a height…


Victoria is the largest lake in Africa
Many of us request, "Name the largest lake in Africa" with confidence will answer that is Victoria. Being the source of the Nile river, it occupies the second place in…

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