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Tours in Carinthia at low prices. Holidays in Carinthia and booking of hotels in Austria – the Tourist firm “YANA”

Holidays in Carinthia

CARINTHIA is the southernmost Federal state of Austria, which falls in the summer most of Sunny days. The famous Carinthian lakes and mountains is a national treasure of land. The quality of water in Carinthian lakes is assessed as drinking. The climate of Carinthia close to the Mediterranean. In Carinthia there are healing springs and the water temperature in the warmest lake of Carinthia in Europe reaches 28 oC. The best time to holiday in Carinthia from mid-may to mid-October. Variety and new experiences ensures the very landscape of Carinthia, situated between the highest peak of Austria – Grossglockner (3.798 m) in the Alps and the Karawanken mountains in the South of the province. The mountains give way to hills and valleys.

The capital of Carinthia – Klagenfurt, where the airport is located.

Resort Velden (Velden) since the 17th century had a certain fame as the summer resort of the aristocracy. The resort is located on the largest lake in Carinthia – wörth (in summer the lake warms up to +27oC). Rest on the lake offers a variety of activities, ample opportunity for sports, cruises on Wetter see, fireworks, shows, water skiing, ballooning and airships, summer festivals. Amazing wealth of sightseeing routes. The most famous Austrian castle in the Renaissance style, built in 1590 and perfectly preserved to our days. Favourite tourist destination – a Museum-reserve Minimundus, located between Velden and Klagenfurt on-site m. Here are the most famous architectural landmarks from 53 countries, made in 1:25 scale from the same materials as the originals. For children in the Park a lot of fantastic opportunities from small ships sailing the rivers to the mini trains running on the model Railways. The Museum is open all summer until the end of October.

Lifts and highways Carinthia will lead You in the mountain world of Carinthia with its fortresses, castles and cathedrals. From Carinthia offers a guided tour of three countries: Austria, Italy and Slovenia, visiting Venice, lake bled.

Carinthian Federal state is ready to offer unique educational-thematic routes:

Monasteries and Abbeys Carinthia: Friezes (district) the Monastery of Dominican monks (4217). The Basilica (CA. 1300) with magnificent works of art, the crucifixion. Saint-Paul-im-Lavanttal: (district) the Abbey of the Benedictine nuns (1091). Basilica in Romano – Gothic style, a significant collection. Ossiach: (district) the Former Abbey of the Benedictine nuns (founded circa 1028). The Basilica in the Baroque style, and frescoes of F. I. Familler. The altar (CA. 1505). The Millstatt: (district) the Former Abbey of the Benedictine order, founded in 1060/8 Basilica (XII century), in Romanesque arcade-style Museum.

Gurk (Gurk): Cathedral of Gurk. The oldest in Carinthia tapestry, many lavish frescoes;

Castles, fortresses and palaces of Carinthia: Friesach (near) Ruins of the castle of Petersberg. The ruins of the former castle of the Archbishop’s Chapel, Rupert, with frescoes dated 1130 G. Strassburg: (district) the Former fortress of the Archbishop (mid XII century). Vaulted courtyard. Museum. Launsdorf: (district) Hochosterwitz: Fortress (1570-1586 years), 14 fortified gates, collection. The Symbol Of Carinthia.

Spital/Drau: (district) the Fortress of Portia: the City Palace in the Renaissance style (1533-1602 years). An arch of the inner courtyard. Theatre festivals Comedy performances (July and August);

In the footsteps of great musicians: Meyering (district) (5 km South-West from Klagenfurt), Gustav Mahler: the summer residence; Pörtschach (district) – Johannes Brahms: castle Leonstain: bust of the composer; Ossiach, Villach (district) – Carinthian summer (July, August); the Millstatt (district) – Musical spring (mid may – June); international music festival (beginning of June – end of August);

Music autumn (September, October);

National parks Carinthia: In Carinthia, there are two national Park reserve “Hohe Tauern” (“Hohe Tauern”) and “Nockberge” (“Nockberge”), 75 areas of protected landscapes, 35 of protected areas of nature; the Gorge of Gametangium, (Hermagor); großglockner Mountain; Gorge with a waterfall Trippalot. (near Ferlach), Waterfall, Gorge ragga (Raggedleft),(Flattach), Nockalmstrasse (national Park Nockberge), for fans of extreme sports – Serpentine road length of 35 kilometers;

Thermal resorts of Carinthia: the thermal springs of Warmbad Villach (from Velden 15 km): currentr with a large thermal pool and health center as well as indoor pools with slides, fountains, underwater massage, Solarium and Jacuzzi.

Carinthia with its varied landscape is a Paradise for vacationers and travelers. But if to count all the tourist routes of Carinthia, then it is safe to say that they correspond to a round-the-world journey. For people actively involved in sports, Carinthia is a place of unlimited opportunities – ranging from the bike trail, sailing on the big lakes, adventure on inflatable rubber boats on rapid mountain rivers and ending with a balloon ride!

The beauty of southern Austria – new experiences are guaranteed!

All this, and more, what we are not told, can only be experienced in Carinthia. Join us, gentlemen!

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