The Hydrography of the Voronezh region
[caption id="attachment_1223" align="alignleft" width="300"] KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] Hydrography determine the Voronezh region 125 of the rivers, of which 53 – with a stable water regime throughout the year and…

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Cerro Verde – the conquest of the volcano Santa Ana
In General, one of the main attractions of Salvador is the volcanoes. In this country spans only 200 km there are about 25 active and extinct volcanoes, so as not…

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Bathing in the healing lake Entropy

I recently read that in the Chelyabinsk region more than 3000 lakes! And, despite this, the majority of the population go to the same well-known lake: Casali, spruce, Turgoyak, Chebarkul, Smolino, Uvildy, Argazi. So there and littered the shores, and sometimes, there’s nowhere to throw your little Mat.

From may, the southern Urals furiously humping the sun. So water is the only salvation from the heat. On the lake nearby did not want to go, and I found 65 kilometers from Chelyabinsk to the lake is Great Entropy.

About lake Great Entropy

What I liked in the description of the Great lakes Entropy is the fact that the lake is salty and medicinal. Scientists have recognized that water and sapropelic mud lakes Great Entropy have medicinal properties. And sapropelic mud lakes Great Entropy not inferior mud from the resorts of Evpatoria, Saki, and Primorsky Krai in terms of therapeutic impact and therapeutic harakteristikam. Due to their low salinity treatment of them is very easy.

The lake is Great Shantropai pretty small; the average depth is about 3.5 meters. The water in the lake warms up quickly on hot days. The water is salty, soft and clean. The bottom of the lake is a silty sediments without stones. In some places the lake is very swampy, but passes to the water there. The lake surrounded by birch forest.

On the Western shore of Great lake there is a village Shantropai the Belousov. There is also a kids camp and several databases. From the village there are several descents to the equipped beaches (children’s camp) and non-equipped places for bathing.

The people you’ll be camping in a birch forest near the village. We went on a working day, but there were many people, especially on the beach.

The lake is Great Shantropai a nice swim, this contributes to the warm salt water and soft bottom with no rocks.

The lake is Great EntroPay is protected by the state monument of nature.

How to get to the Big lake Satrapi?

Traveling by car as follows:

Chelyabinsk-Kopeysk – past the lake Kurlady – Hip (Hip past the lake)- Salesian – Adul-the Belousov. It is better to go on the Navigator, it’s faster and more convenient. However, my Navigator was able to make a route to Salesiana, then we drove through the pointers. Back from Salesiana in Chelyabinsk Navigator road paved without any problems. Travel time about 1.5 hours. Distance on the Navigator about 77 kilometers. The road is paved to Atkula, then primer the little machines.


LAKES RESOURCES One of the main natural resources of the Republic are lakes, water resources – water resources suitable for use in the household. The quantity and quality of resources…


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