The Natural Park Aya, Aya lake
The natural Park "Traveler" is located in the foothills of the Altai mountains, namely on the territory of the Altai district of Altai Krai. In Turkic languages Altai means "Golden".…

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The Lake Bolshoye yarovoye
Lake in Big Spring Yarovoye is a large pond with salt water in the West kulundinsky steppe of the Slavgorod district of the Altay territory. 1.The jewel of the Altai…

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Holidays at the lakes in Khakassia: relax your body and soul on the shore of any lake

Features on the lakes of Khakassia there are several recreation facilities (rest homes): a beautiful recreation “Prestige” on the lake. Bela, recreation “the company” holiday home “breaking the waves”, recreation ‘Oasis”, recreation “At the Rave”, database “Transfiguration”, a cottage on the lake “Reflected” holiday home “Beleski” holiday home “Kotex”, recreation ’s Five Lakes” and recreation complex “Diva” at lake Shira. These are not all the recreation that exist in the waters of the Republic of Khakassia.

Want fun and useful to spend your vacation or just relax with your family and friends, and also to improve your body and your body, then You definitely need to visit Khakassia. It’s amazing beauty and natural diversity of the region. Khakassia has spread its expanse in Eastern Siberia on the left Bank of the Yenisei. Once once in this Paradise, many people prefer to replace the seaside resorts and exotic countries on vacation in Khakassia. This region attracts tourists for its diverse and beautiful nature, which includes vast steppes, intangible, beautiful taiga and lakes with crystal clear water. Bolshuyu part of Khakassia is velichestvenny mountains, which beckon the tourists with its beauty and extraordinary scenery. To the West lies the Republic of the Kuznetsk Alatau mountain. The highest point of Khakassia mountain Top Tooth, and to the South is the mountain West Sayan. Between some mountains are wide depression. The region is also rich in various elements of old and exciting culture. This is the first national folklore, shamanism, and the unique manufacturing technology of various products and of course the national dishes.

In Khakassia lot of different lakes, which not only attracted by its beauty and purity, but also water which is therapeutic and very positive impact on Your health. The most famous of them is the Shira lake. Bela, Hankul, TUS and Utichye. These lakes are not only the salty mineral water, but also therapeutic and healing mud. For this reason, the main centers of recreation and Wellness centers are located near these lakes. Their beaches are very convenient for travelers, as they are characterized with clean sand and pebbles. The largest lake is lake bele. Its uniqueness is that it consists of two pools-fresh and salt. And of course in this lake is therapeutic, formed over many millennia mud. Lake TUS is the salt lake of this region. The uniqueness of lake Shira is that for a fee, locals will take you on a tour to the cave at the archaeological site or in the ancient Church.

In addition to the large possibilities for the recovery of his body, Khakassia as open for tourists as a region of extraordinary culture, memorable places and famous caves. In almost every recreation center has one or more historical monuments. In the Shirinsky district is the so-called mountain ridge. This is the only place on the planet, unique in its creation of a landmark You must visit. If You will be at a certain place, facing the temple, You can see the indescribable phenomenon, when the Sun sends its last ray to the ground and disappearing behind the horizon. It is necessary to see with your own eyes, because how can we explain the miracle of words is simply impossible. The most famous caves of Khakassia – Costularia and the Cross, the entrance to which is in the form of a funnel at the top of the mountain.

Extreme rest in Khakassia.

If You are not a fan of historical monuments, but prefer extreme Hobbies, Khakassia may unfold in front of you as a wonderful ski resort. The tracks here are varied. Due to their great length, there are different slopes that may be attractive and safe for beginners and extreme for Amateurs and professionals of this sport. You can also spend time by going on horse or hunting tour. You will not only experience the feeling of extreme excitement, but also will breathe healthy air.

Tourism in Khakassia still evolving and improving, but the standard of service is not inferior to the European. If You choose a comfortable and healthy recreation for body and soul, then You just need to visit this region. So if we convinced You, and if You have already decided to visit this amazing land, then hurry up to order warm, cozy house on the choosen by you or the recreation room in the sanatorium. Recreation in Khakassia diverse and provide multiple services. It all depends on Your goals, desires and financial capabilities. We wish You a pleasant stay in a wonderful and amazing Khakassia.

Once in Khakassia, in this tale only once, You will definitely want to come back again!