Rest in Adelani, tours, tours in Adelani, China
Manzhouli is the homeland of the peoples who founded several dynasties in Manchuria and China, and the last and the most famous were the Manchus, who have given their name…

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A Trip to the lake Synevir
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Rest in Adelani, tours, tours in Adelani, China

Manzhouli is the homeland of the peoples who founded several dynasties in Manchuria and China, and the last and the most famous were the Manchus, who have given their name to the region, conquered in the seventeenth century China and ruled until the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911 until the founding of the PRC.

Reserves, volcanoes and lakes

The region is famous for its natural landscapes: in Adelani is a national nature reserve, with 14 old and new volcanoes. It is a real natural Museum of volcanoes and geological marvel, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Existing over millions of years, these volcanoes have formed a unique natural landscape, and the local mineral springs known for their healing properties, and these sources are known to the tourists who come to tour Udaleny.

Picturesque mountains, crystal clear water, magical sources, bizarre rocks, rare species of flora and fauna, caves Park Udaleny became a very famous place where famous eco-tourism, conducting scientific research and medical therapy.

Volcanoes in Udaleny occupy an area of 720 square kilometers. Some of them are quite young – not more than 300 years, others more than a million years, and some of these volcanoes are the largest volcanoes in China. Udaleny the volcanic field was formed during the 5 cycles of eruptions, ranging from early Pleistocene to the present. The last eruptions took place on 14 January 1720, which produced new cones. Tourists who come to vacation in Udaleny will encounter four mysterious natural phenomena. The water here, unlike other rivers in China, flows to the West, not the East, in the ice caves of Udaleny never melts, green grass breaks through the snow even in harsh winter, and the vehicle lifts itself up the hill.

After the eruptions the landscape has changed completely, flowing lava altered the river, and formed five lakes, which is also called “pearl necklace” Udaleny. These lakes are a source of drinking water with medicinal properties. Thanks to the mineral water, national Park Adelani is considered the first mineral spring in Asia and the second largest source in the world.

Medical lake Udaleny

Five volcanic lakes differ in color and are famous for their magical powers for improving health and curing some skin diseases. The lake water is suitable for drinking and is on the list of world’s most famous sources along with the sources at Vichy in France and Mineral waters in Russia. The healing power of this water is appreciated by the tourists who have bought tickets to Udaleny.

Udaleny boasts clean air, and rich mineral ions in water produces a therapeutic effect. The bottom of the lakes in Udaleny is volcanic lava. The water is so transparent that you can even see the fish. Lake Veno – warm volcanic lake consists of three basins. Its length is 1200 meters, depth of 0.8 meters. According to scientists, the lava, which was formed during the last eruption, is under the pool, and thus, its water has a very high degree of magnetization, and this lake is a perfect place for therapy and treatment of some skin diseases and diseases of the spine and joints. Throughout the year the lake is a comfortable temperature, and even if the air temperature is -40 ℃, above him still, clouds of steam, and stay in Udaleny on this lake turns into a real pleasure.

By purchasing a tour in Adelani, it is necessary to visit another volcanic lake, lake Tianchi, 300 meters long from East to West and 1000 meters from South to North, with an average depth of 3 meters. On its bottom flows the hidden river, and here it is almost the only lake with fresh water. Tianchi resembles a pool in the shape of a volcanic crater 150 meters in diameter, which also never freezes in cold winter. The legend says that the mysterious volcanic lake is a pool for swimming mountain fairies.