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Turkmenistan: Where are you going to relax? In Turkmenistan!

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The beauty and mysteriousness of nature attracted people since ancient times. And it is not surprising that recently more and more popular is tourism, combining comfortable travel on modern aircraft and ships with elements of a Hiking with a backpack. Agree – spend the night around the campfire under a cloudless starry sky, hanging low-low – romance it! Especially if you have travelled thousands of miles:

In Turkmenistan, following independence, the tourism business quickly and dynamically. State Corporation for tourism and sport and private tourism firms and companies offer a wide range of trips and excursions in our country.

Fans of mountain tourism will offer climbing on mount Dushak (known locally as Erekdag), whose height at the highest point, more than 2500 meters above sea level. Here there are picturesque and deep ravine, at the bottom covered with thickets of juniper (the plant of the juniper family), and pure mountain springs with crystal clear and perfectly thirst-quenching water, and winding paths that are sometimes so difficult to walk with a backpack. Ashgabat has long chosen this peak for Sunday walks and hikes during the holidays. Besides at the foot of the mountain lies the village of Geokdere, which is a first-class holiday home with cosy cottages, modern tennis courts and basketball courts and a spacious swimming pool with cool mountain water. Fine seafood cuisine and European tourists will be able to find the restaurant in the near vicinity.

One of the most popular tourist routes is a trip to the mountain massif of the Kugitang mountains, the highest point of which is the top Ira Baba. Usually there are already trained climbers, as climbing this peak is quite difficult. As a rule, tourists rise to the level of 2300 meters above sea level on the car, then break camp and prepare the ascent. The high-water mark of Ira-Baba exceeds 3000 meters and is covered with not melting even in the height of summer snow cap. Recently, on the eve of the national holiday on 19 February, at around 3150 meters above sea level, hoisted the national flag of our country. His first ascent of Ira-Baba capital’s sportsmen-climbers dedicated to the birthday of President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbashi.

For fans of less extreme tourism travel agencies will offer the world famous Kugitang caves, where no less famous lakes with blind deep-sea fish. Near the cave there is a legendary dinosaur plateau. In his petrified lava covering has left its traces, as though autographs, giant animals that lived over 200 million years ago.

In Turkmenistan there are eight historical-cultural reserves, each of which organises excursions. The reserve “Ancient Merv”, “Nisa”, “Old Serakhs”, “Kunyaurgench”, “Atamurat”, “Abiverd”, “Ancient dekhistan” and “Geoktepinsky fortress”. On the territory of these reserves are true masterpieces of ancient architecture, such as the mausoleum of Turabek-khanim and the minaret of Kutlug-Timur in Kunyaurgench, the ruins of the Parthian fortress at Nisa and Anau mosque, the sanctuary of Astana-Baba in Kerki (ex. Kerki), the mausoleum of Abu-said in the reserve “Abiverd”. This list could continue indefinitely, as the Turkmen land keeps countless traces of its centuries-old history and every year our archaeologists in collaboration with foreign colleagues find a unique proof of the antiquity of the Turkmen state. Of particular interest is the Turkmen-Italian archaeological expedition working in Karakum etrap of Mary velayat in the territory of the once prosperous state of Margush. Among the most popular objects – the mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, Great and Small Kyz-Kala in the territory of historical and cultural reserve “Ancient Merv”, which is annually visited by thousands of tourists from many corners of the globe.

In the outskirts of Ashgabat is the famous underground lake Kov-ATA, near the city of Bakharden. The water temperature in the lake is always quite high due to the preheating of deep thermal springs and even in the dead of winter lovers of the exotic can go scuba diving and just swimming in warm, rich in hydrogen sulphide water.

For travel enthusiasts, the capital of Turkmenistan hospitably open doors of the comfortable hotels and Inns. Five-star “Sheraton Grand Turkmen” and “AK Altyn”, “Nisa”, “Turkmenistan” located in the heart of the city and provide a full range of services appropriate for hotels of highest class. Stand comfortable hotels on the outskirts of Ashgabat in the district of Berzengi. They all have modern swimming pools, saunas and tennis courts. Not far from there is the national Museum of Turkmenistan, opened in 1998. Here visitors can see exhibits that illustrate the centuries-old history of the Turkmen state. Trips to the Museum can arrange almost all travel companies of the capital.

Ashgabat is rightly called one of the greenest cities in Central Asia. Numerous shady parks and gardens, broken in the last decade, it feels like they sit on a bench near a cool fountain and relax. Cafes and restaurants offer dishes of national, Chinese and European dishes. Modern rooms equipped with the latest technology, the capital’s airport named after President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbashi will be pleasantly amazed with the excellent service and Oriental cordial reception.

Young Turkmenistan’s rapidly developing tourist industry and obtained a reputation among lovers of travel. So people who have not yet decided where to spend summer vacation, we highly recommend you to choose Turkmenistan.