Indonesia - Tours from Perm to Indonesia (Bali)
For tour use the dictionary of tourist terms Visas, customs Russian citizens can get the Indonesian visa on arrival. This requires the following documents: passport (validity - not less than…

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The Geography of Austria. Federal lands and major lakes in Austria
Austria lies in southern Central Europe, its total area is 83 871 km2. It borders with several countries: Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Germany. The total…

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Beach vacation in Portugal. The most popular beach resorts of Portugal. A holiday in Portugal the sea

Portugal is a country with an abundance of lush greenery and lots of hilly plains. The landscape amazes with its diversity. Here are some of the best beaches in the world where you can spend unforgettable holidays. Coast is in close proximity to high mountains. A holiday in Portugal the sea – this is a great way to get incomparable pleasure from the time spent at the seaside.

Small and very cozy Portugal is a country situated in Western Europe. She is very welcoming and comfortable. The country has ocean coastline of indescribable beauty. The coastline of Portugal, bordering the West and South by the Atlantic ocean. Today, beach holidays in Portugal is in high demand among tourists from all over the world. There are superb sandy beaches, located close to the majestic cliffs and high cliffs. Despite the fact that the country has a sufficiently small area, its landscape is very diverse. This is what gives the special flair of beach tourism in Portugal.

Portugal can be considered a country with one of the best environmental conditions in the world. This is one of those places, where there are excellent climatic conditions, providing excellent conditions for a beach holiday. Every year, Portugal attracts many tourists wishing to spend their holidays at the seaside. Journey to the beaches of Portugal allows you to experience a lot of amazing experiences and positive energy. Today the popular beach resorts of Portugal are a very popular tourist destination. A trip to this corner of the world allows you to fully enjoy a carefree beach holiday surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

A trip to Portugal provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a varied holiday and get a real pleasure of staying at the seaside. It is a country characterized by hospitality and friendliness, where you can spend long-awaited vacation.

Beach holidays in Portugal

A holiday in Portugal provides extensive opportunities for all sorts of beach activities. The country is a unique place where you can enjoy the clean air, stroll on well-maintained coastline, soak in the sun on the seashore and much more. Portugal has a special atmosphere that is steeped in hospitality and positive. Here you can relax from the bustle of the city and enjoy all the pleasures of a beach holiday. This amazing corner of the world is the best place for relaxation where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. It’s safe to say that a holiday in Portugal is the perfect way to spend a full vacation. The trip – this is a special emotional experience that give the sea of positive emotions. To ensure that the journey took place at the highest level, you must carefully plan your next vacation. If you are a true fan of beach holidays, you should pay attention to the popular resorts of Portugal . where there is a highly developed tourist infrastructure, capable to provide maximum comfort.

Popular beach resorts in Portugal

If you wish to spend your vacation on the seashore, Portugal is ready to offer you a great number of excellent options for an unforgettable beach holiday. Especially popular among fans of beach activities are:


Lisbon Region;

The Algarve Coast;

Garden island of Madeira.

Located fifteen hundred miles from the coastline of the Azores, is ready to offer special conditions for guests. There are amazing lakes and volcanoes that attract tourists who appreciate unique natural landscape. Also, in addition to the classic beach holiday here you can enjoy fishing, diving or enjoy water boating.

Lisbon Riviera is a prestigious resort area of the country. On its territory you can spend a wonderful time enjoying the beach break and sightseeing of various attractions. If you are interested in the most popular resorts in Portugal . the Lisbon Riviera is exactly what you need. The local neighborhood have a picturesque appearance, and is able to provide a maximum of comfort and convenience during the journey. Here love to entertain tourists, accustomed to high-quality service. The optimum time to holiday in this part of Portugal is the period from may to September.

A holiday in Portugal on the sea

The coast of Algarve, located in the South of Portugal, is ready to offer the tourists excellent conditions for recreation. This area stretches for hundreds of kilometers away and has many excellent beaches. This is a unique area because of its excellent environmental conditions and wide opportunities for recreation. When traveling here you can enjoy the amazingly beautiful natural landscapes and bask in the warm sunshine while relaxing on the comfortable coast. If you are interested in what the most popular beach resorts of Portugal are available in the country today, then you’ve come to the right place. Love to come here in the company of friends and also families with children. Flowering almond trees, orange groves, coastal cliffs and white sandy beaches will not leave indifferent absolutely nobody.

The island of Madera is great for those who want to be in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere, allowing to relax after exhausting working days. The trip to the island allows you to achieve complete relaxation. Madera is very popular among beach lovers, as here you can swim for almost the entire year. This is a wonderful resort town, which opens up great opportunities for a relaxing pastime that allows you to find inner harmony.