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8 amazing lakes in the world
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The Lake Turgoyak and the mysterious dolmens of the island of Faith

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Description: we Invite you to spend a weekend on beautiful lake Turgoyak is a large freshwater lake in the Chelyabinsk region near the city of Miass. The monument of nature. Rarely on our planet where there are just mountains, the lake in these mountains, and conifer forest. Show all..

One of such amazing places is located in the southern Urals – lake Turgoyak!

Lake Turgoyak because of its depth, transparency, and beauty called the younger brother of Baikal. International Limnological Commission of the lake included in the list of the most valuable reservoirs of the world.

Many mysteries keeps not only the lake itself but also the island of Faith, named after the hermit who lived here in the 19th century and built of local old believers during the life of the Saint. Vera island is full of wonders!

There is a beautiful legend, rather, of historical hypothesis. Lake Turgoyak — 15 million years, people have settled in the bowl of Golden valley since time immemorial. And the island of Faith — energy heart of the valley and lakes — served as the realm of the dead. Ancient people buried their leaders “over the water”, and then the line between the world of the dead and the living was visible and tangible.

That is amazing and very beautiful place we invite you!

Leaving on Saturday morning at 06.00 with Sports stop, journey time approximately 5-6h, on the way, stop in a cafe (snack at own expense)

12.00 – arrival, accommodation, camping

13.00-14.00 – lunch

15.00 – walk for those wishing to Cape Long

19.00 – dinner, rest, a bonfire night, playing at will


09.00 – Breakfast, leisure

10.00 am – sail to the island of Faith on a luxury yacht

16.00 – disassembling of the camp and departure to Ufa

21.00-22.00 – arrival in Ufa

In tents, on the banks of the lake.

– Food cooked on fire.

– Boat trip. Visit the Ural dolmen on the island of Faith.

– Free time, swim, sunbathe.

The price includes: transportation, meals, finding in the Park, accompanied by an instructor and chef, boat trip, tour of O. Faith