Large lakes of the world - history of the world. The history of Russia and world history
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Fishing (build)

Fishing on the lake of Hurgan-Nur with inflatable rubber boats.

Fishing on the river Kobdo Goal.

Transfer to lake Dayan – one of the largest and pristine lakes of Mongolia, is rich in fish (grayling, Osman, purple swamphens) and waterfowl (swans, geese, ducks, etc.)

Lake Tolbo-Nur richly as Altai Osman, grayling, and lake. The lake khoton-Nuur close to the border with China lies surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Here the cross-border area and the territory of the reserve. Particularly aggressive grayling caught fast in the Bayou between lakes of khoton Nuur and Hurgan-Nur.

Fishing in lake and rivers flowing into the lake Terhi-Tsagaan-Nuur. Lake Terhi-Tsagaan-Nuur, is located in the foothills of the Khangai in Central Mongolia, at an altitude of 2060 m above sea level, 175 km West of Tsetserleg. The lake was formed from rivers of the North and South Tarkin goal, which originated from Khangai mountain range, and many years ago were covered with streams of hot lava thrown from the volcano togoo. The lake area is 16 km2. Length of lake is 16 km, width 4-10 km and depth more than 20 m. the lake is rich In fish, the mountain streams flowing into the lake is home to pike, lenok, taimen. The Northern shore of the lake is steep – to rocky mountains without a single tree, South – sloping. In the center of the lake is the island. In the lake in numerous floating flocks of swans and cormorants. As the lake Hovsgol, the area around the lake Tsagaan Nur allocated in protected.

Check out the lake Ouguiya Nur. Tourist base Ouguiya (Ogii). Fishing. In the lake (the area of 27 sq km and stretches about 10 km) found 15 species of fish, including large pike.

13:30 departure to moron (North), exit from the city, fishing on the river Aigues, rich in trout (including night fishing). Fishing rod and spinning.


The Dalai Tour Tourist Ger Camp. Fishing on O. Khubsgul and nearby rivers.

Deciding on the best location for fishing on the river Again Goal. At our disposal, and assistants, will be searching for the most suitable places for fishing. We will go along the river for about 13 km towards Ishen Tolgoi. Fishing all day. Lunch in the field. Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

Boat transfer in Buriedin Hotel. Fishing from boats and from the shore, in one day we move along the river for 8 km in the field. Overnight at Lodge, dinner.

Check out fishing for trout. The day we go down the river about 15 km (boat + car) and the evening will be in Bayingolin of Hasa. Lunch in the field. Overnight at Lodge, dinner.

Breakfast. Transfer by car to confluence of Eg and Tarvagatain, the continuation of fishing. Lunch in the field. Overnight at Lodge, dinner.

Fishing can be arranged on the rivers Ider, Selenga, the Chulutyn-Gol, Suman-Gol in the Central part, Shishkhid-Gol in North and Khalkhin-Gol in Eastern Mongolia. The distance from Ulaanbaatar to the fishing place from 300 to 1200 km.

In Mongolia, there are hundreds of lakes and rivers. If the rivers are not large in width and depth, these lakes are large lakes more than 100 miles long and with depths of up to 260 meters. The most attractive fishing tours of lake UVS Nur with a water surface area of 3350 km2 in the lake Hovsgol area of 2760 km2.

The lake in the UVS like the Aral sea, salted water. The similarity continues in that it, like the Aral sea is full of fish. The uniqueness of Mongolian fish stocks not only in fish abundance but also in species composition – whitefish, salmon, sturgeon. In the rivers and lakes of Mongolia inhabits the majority of European fish species and fish of Siberia, Transbaikalia and the Far East. The pike grows in these parts up to 30 kg and even more, spread the ubiquitous carp, the national fish Dating Korea and China – carp, the only representative of cod among freshwater fishes – burbot reaching Mongolia’s huge size.

The best fishing is on the river Selenga (Selenge river) near the Russian – Mongolian border, the Chuluut river (Chuluut river) and lake Terkhin Tsagan Nur (Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White lake)) in Arkhangai Aimak, Khara river (river Kharaa) in Darkhan -Uul and Orkhon river (Orkhon river) in the aimag Ovorkhangai.

Tourist base on the lake Hovsgol (Khuvsgol lake) allow very good fishing trips on the lake Huvsgul and its region: the rivers Shiishigt, Egiin, Delger Moron and Ureen, and in the valley 5 rivers (five rivers), where the rivers Chuluut, Selenge, Delger Moron, Ider Bugsei and.

The best place for fishing is September and October.

In the period of fish spawning, fishing in Mongolia is prohibited. Well-organized summer and fall fishing does not bring damage to fish stocks, most foreign fishermen, usually catching a trout, photographed with him, and then let go (the principle of catch-and-release “catch and release”).