The Lake Turgoyak and the mysterious dolmens of the island of Faith
To join the group . Information Description: we Invite you to spend a weekend on beautiful lake Turgoyak is a large freshwater lake in the Chelyabinsk region near the city…

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Lake Tambukan – a storehouse of health
A truly amazing lake Tambukan is situated on the border of Stavropol territory and the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria – a salty, stagnant, oval shape, its length is 2 km, width…

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MK: Trip to lake Seliger

In Central Russia between Moscow and St.   Petersburg . among forest hills Valdai hills lies the lake Seliger. As such, common in the conventional concept of the lake does not exist. Most likely, Seliger looks like intricate chain of lakes, interconnected into a unified system of narrow canals – the rivers that provide the movement of huge water masses.

To get from Moscow to Seliger there are two routes on the Leningrad highway and Novorizhskoe highway M9 . To go on Leningradke is to go with the big tubes. Leningradka is chunks along the route in areas Gangways, Solnechnogorsk, Klin, Tver bypass, very often had to go on the shoulder to avoid a traffic jam of trucks would otherwise have to waste half an hour of precious time. Sometimes though drivers of the trucks cunningly block the road and have to stand, one happy for a little while. On Leningradke have to go to Torzhok, and then leave through the town Ostashkov.

In Torzhok there was a quarantine, warned the inscription at the entrance to the city . apparently to ensure that people do not buy pork. After Torzhok – straight road to Ostashkov city where he begins to lake Seliger. To stay on lake Seliger in the tents, and modern hotels. I ostavalsya in the hotel «Peckova”, in the search for the most economical option. It was rather hard to book a room directly on the day of departure, it should be done in advance.

The city of Ostashkov is built as if on a pier jutting straight into the water surface the Seliger. Sometimes the usual shops for rest of the garage are right near the water. Ostashkov is a town on the water. You can see how people living close to the lake leave the house then to the lake to get some water and go back home. Many houses near the “parked” boats.

But the main attraction of the Seliger . in my opinion, is the monastery of the Nilo-stolbenskaya Hermitage on the island Stolobny. You can reach it in two ways, by car on the shore of lake Seliger, or by boat from the Central pier of Ostashkov. I chose the latter and went on the shortest path across the water to the monastery. Daily moving away from the dock 2 to 3 boat tours of lake Seliger, in addition to the Nilo – stolbensky desert you can also visit the White lake on the largest island on lake Seliger – Hachin, or just enjoy the beautiful sunset.

When sailing, he is always flying seagulls . accustomed to the fact that people on the ship fed them bread. Floating on the lake, occurs a large number of fishermen on inflatable boats. Just 20 minutes away and seem dome Nilo –stolbensky desert. In the monastery rises the Cathedral of the Epiphany where the relics of St. Nilus, to which pilgrims come for healing from diseases.

For $ 100 you can climb the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, with a height of 46 meters and a great view of the monastery.

Most large lakes of the world (Part-3)
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Omsk citizens will not be allowed on the famous lakes of the Omsk region
The place is threatened by an ecological disaster. Until the end of 2013 in Muromtsevo municipal district of the Omsk region it is planned to organize a specially protected nature…

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