The Lake Kliluk
About the Dead sea heard – there is so much salt that it is impossible to drown. In the lake Kliluk also have salts and minerals, but there are so…

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Fishing (build)
Fishing on the lake of Hurgan-Nur with inflatable rubber boats. Fishing on the river Kobdo Goal. Transfer to lake Dayan – one of the largest and pristine lakes of Mongolia,…

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Volcanic lakes and Italian Goodies

Trip with a visit to the beautiful surroundings of Rome, lakes of volcanic origin and ancient towns. This is a great opportunity to escape from huge cities, to rest body and soul together and to learn a lot. Interesting for everybody: history buffs, gourmets and anyone who loves the outdoors.

Roman castles is a unique set of authentic towns near Rome that lies on the Albanian hills. You will have the opportunity to visit and swim in the waters of the lakes Albano and Nemi, which lie in craters of extinct volcanoes, the scenery, the beauty of which is breathtaking, to wander the streets of nice and cosy towns with thousand years of history, which, like pearls on a necklace, scattered along the slopes of the sleeping volcano.

Our way will pass by the ancient Apavou the road, through the Catacombs and the Baths of Caracalla. The history of this place dates back to the settlements of pre-Roman age (12 BC) In ancient times there were an impregnable fortress. Castles and fortresses destroyed long ago, but the name remains. These hills offer a breathtaking view of Rome and its beautiful surroundings.

You will visit Castel Gandolfo, right on the spot where according to legend were born the founders of Rome — Romulus and Remus. Here is the monastery of St. Neal (XI century), which preserved the beautiful mosaics, the frescoes by Cavallini and Domenichino. The town is located on the shores of the beautiful lake Albano. This lake is in the crater of the volcano and is the largest lake of volcanic origin in Italy. Its depth is 170 m. in the Summer you will have the opportunity to swim in its waters. It is fabulously beautiful here. Not without reason in the XVII century here was established the residence of the Pope, which still performs its function.

In few minutes is another volcanic lake of Nemi, on the shores of which is situated the homonymous ancient town. Nemi — the city of flowers and strawberries, famous for its medieval architecture and incredible views. Here you can taste delicious ice cream with fresh strawberries at any time of the year. And in the fountains of the town is supplied with natural mineral water.