Indonesia - Tours from Perm to Indonesia (Bali)
For tour use the dictionary of tourist terms Visas, customs Russian citizens can get the Indonesian visa on arrival. This requires the following documents: passport (validity - not less than…

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The Lake Kliluk
About the Dead sea heard – there is so much salt that it is impossible to drown. In the lake Kliluk also have salts and minerals, but there are so…

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A Trip to the lake Synevir

Synevir lake (the resort) is rightly considered the hallmark of the Carpathians. It is a bit larger and one of the most beautiful lakes in Ukraine. Synevyr is also called «Sea Eye», «the Pearl of the Carpathians» . and yet — “Lake lovers” . This drop of the sea among the mountains — «Sea eye» — is located at an altitude of 989 meters. The average depth of the lake — 10-12 meters, maximum — 24 meters. Carpathian miracle is 32 km from the Transcarpathian regional center of Volovo. The path lies along the stream Volovets among the cliffs and gorges Synevyrska pass (more than 800 m above sea level). To the West extends a ridge Borzhava valleys to the South — Owczarski ridge Tops, South-East stands the mountain Strymba, and in the North — mount the heater. Far below lay a scattering of pearls at home the village of Sinevir with blue thread of the river Tereblya.

Synevir lake is full of legends. Above the lake are two high fairy pieces. This Blue and VIR, once lived in these areas. Thanks to their love, according to legend, and there is the lake. They say that blue’s name was the count’s daughter. Heard a girl somehow in the mountains of the pipe a simple shepherd VIR and fell in love with the boy more than life. Treacherous Earl’s father was against love bolognesi and ordered his servants to kill the shepherd throwing a rock. According to the legend, from tears love with the count’s daughter, and spilled the lake Synevyr . Only in the middle of the lake there is a small island — it’s the top of a gravestone of a shepherd vyr. This island lake has earned him the name “Morskie oko” .

There is a second translation, however, it does not explain the origin of the name of the lake, but also full of love-longing. Once the flock was attacked by a young shepherd Ivan, the wolf — and killed the whole herd. Understand the shepherd — from count mercy will not wait, decided to flee from imminent massacre. Bid farewell to the beloved — and went to foreign lands. Longed shepherd in a foreign land, every night went to the beach to pour out his grief: “the omnipotent sea, though one eye look at my Verkhovyna, pass the bow to the native land!» the Disaster has heard the prayers of the shepherd, made his way through the mountains — and swallowed up in its waters the count and his servants. And she was staring at the proud Carpathians and decided to stay clean eye.

In reality the lake was formed as a result of strong shift caused by the earthquake, about 10 thousand years ago. At the height of 989 m mountain rocky of rock rose towards rapid stream, forming a dam and completely blocked the narrow valley. The surface area of the lake — about 7 ha, maximum depth — 22 m. the Lake consists of two bath — of the Northern, deeper, and southern, separated by an underwater ridge height from 1.5 to 11 m. the Average depth «Marine Eye» — 8,2 m. the Volume of water in the Sinevir — about 400 000 cubic meters. A calm mirror of water rarely breaks are infrequent in a valley protected by mountains is a breeze. Lake water differs extraordinary taste: it is devoid of chlorides. In summer the water warms up to 20 degrees, but after a weak move with increasing depth reduced to 4-5. Another interesting fact that never, even during the most violent floods during the melting of the snows, the lake does not overflow the banks.

The forest around the lake since 1989 is considered a National natural Park — and the wildlife and vegetation here is unique. In the Red book listed 38 species of plants and 20 animal species that are within the Sinevir, and in the lake is abundant in trout. Arriving here, you will find yourself in a corner of untouched nature and see the beauty of the tall, slender beeches, which for several centuries. Here you can meet wild animals — the mountain ROE, deer. There is also lynx, bear, and many species of rare animals. The number of animals is not reduced due to the ban on hunting and deforestation. The Park is home to about 90 species of rare and disappearing plants registered in the red book — saffron, snowdrop white. Having been here once, want to come back here again and again to plunge into a beautiful fairy tale Synevyr.


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