The Lake Kliluk
About the Dead sea heard – there is so much salt that it is impossible to drown. In the lake Kliluk also have salts and minerals, but there are so…

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Large lakes of the world - history of the world. The history of Russia and world history
Currently many people do not understand the word lake. The fact that many tourists describe it as something quiet and small. And in a sense they are right, but only…

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Indonesia – Tours from Perm to Indonesia (Bali)

For tour use the dictionary of tourist terms

Visas, customs

Russian citizens can get the Indonesian visa on arrival. This requires the following documents: passport (validity – not less than 6 months at the time of departure from the country), filled in migration card, a receipt confirming payment of the fee, return ticket or onward ticket to a third country, confirmation of hotel booking or proof of sufficient funds for stay in the country.

The visa is issued for up to 30 days. Children up to 9 years if the child is registered in parents ‘ passport, the visa is free. Children over 9 years old pay the full cost of the visa regardless of the passport they are parents or not.

Customs: Import and export of foreign currency is not limited. Duty-free is allowed to import up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco and 2 liters of alcoholic beverages.

Prohibited the importation of medicines, plants, animals, drugs, weapons and ammunition, fruits, pornography, books on Chinese medicine. It is prohibited to export. more >>>

The Capital Jakarta (Jakarta).

The main resort Islands: Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Java, Bintan, Batam.

What to drive

Indonesia is a large country, so if you want to move from one end to another, it is better to use the aircraft.

Railway communication is developed only in Java, plus there are two small cut in Sumatra. The fare is quite high, especially in the first class sleeper car.

Long-distance buses are modern and go on a strict schedule within one island. Tickets must be purchased the day before the trip at the bus stations or at the offices of bus companies.

The city buses are mostly old, worn and loaded. The fare to the driver or the conductor.

The fare for a taxi, negotiate the price before boarding. Better to pay in Indonesian currency: most taxi drivers accept payment and dollars (especially in tourist areas like Bali), but the course is extremely disadvantageous. You can still use the services of taxis «BEMO” is inexpensive and affordable, and also the rickshaws «OJEC” or “becak”.


Tourists should be careful when visiting Kuta: do not wear expensive clothes and jewelry. We should not leave their belongings unattended on public beaches. Currency is recommended to be changed only in exchange offices, not prelas tempting course street money changers.

Tap water is better not to drink, but to buy bottled. You should also see the quality of your ice is often made from tap water. It is recommended to use repellents and mosquito nets, wear sunglasses, hats and use sunscreen. Many of the beaches are framed by powerful coral reefs, swim and move around which is better in rubber Slippers.

Weather forecast

The dry season in Indonesia lasts from March to September and wet from November to March. During wet season rainfall locally and usually at night, in the form of short (1-2 hours) storm rainfall. At this time, there are problems with transport links, become unsafe mountain tours and diving. The average temperature ranges from +26 °C to +35 °C. water Temperature is +26..+27 ° C all year round. The hottest months are July and August.

Where to stay

In Indonesia is very high quality and comfortable hotels that fully meet their official “star”. There are hotels of 3*, 4*, 5*, in addition, many 5* can safely be described as “de Luxe”. The hotels are all very clean and civilized, free bottled drinking water.

The power supply in major cities and tourist areas is 220 V, 50 Hz. In some remote areas there are 110 V.

What to see

Sumatra is the fifth largest island in the world with hundreds of miles of beaches with dark sand and dozens of pristine mountain lakes, and ruins of ancient temple complexes. Famous attractions: the volcanic lake Toba, the Royal tombs and the Palace on the island of Samosir, the Palace Istana and the mosque Mesjid Raya and military Museum ’s Bukit Barisan” in Medan. In the Northern part of Sumatra is the largest reserve of the country Gunung laser, which is home to rare Sumatran rhinoceros, tigers, wild bulls and orangutans. Around the volcanoes Gunung Sinabung and Gunung Sibayak stretches the best areas for trekking on the island. Also worth visiting the orangutan rehabilitation center in Bohorok, picturesque canals Palembang, green mountain valleys of kerintji and Danau Ranau and the famous Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait.

Kalimantan (Borneo) is not only the place of residence of the Dayak tribe, the famous “bounty hunters”, but also the amazing “reserve time”: nature and the way of life has remained exactly the same as hundreds of years ago. Resting on Kalimantan, you should definitely visit the village of Melaka with Orchid garden, “river city” Pontianak, to go by river routes in the district of MUAR, Mountai and long IRAM.

And also: whaling and “tricolor” lake Keli Mata on the island of Flores, the race for the bulls on the island of Madura, the fights of horsemen on the island of Sumba, jumping over two meter stone column on Nias, the reserves with the lizards (the largest reptiles on the planet) on the Islands of Komodo and Rinca.