Indonesia - Tours from Perm to Indonesia (Bali)
For tour use the dictionary of tourist terms Visas, customs Russian citizens can get the Indonesian visa on arrival. This requires the following documents: passport (validity - not less than…

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Rivers, lakes and wetlands
In the Park the river network is poorly developed. Major rivers are absent and there are only relatively large sources of the rivers Polomet and Avon. River valleys in the…

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Journey to the lakes. Lake Como – Part 3. Bright magazine travel

Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes of the European continent. Along the coast built villas of aristocrats. The lake’s unusual shape and the most beautiful place – the confluence of three channels, where is the town of Bellagio.

The people here are mostly of Mature age. All the decorum, measured and beautiful. Here you can ride a helicopter or seaplane to fly over the lake. You can go by steamer or boat to Bellagio, or simply sunbathe on the terrace or by the lake.

The very contemplation of the lake under different weather and different time of the day is already in full relaxation and peace.

The next lake on our way – Lago di Piano which is located on the way between Tremezzo and Lugano.

When you see a certain lake, you begin to get used to them. It was the last Italian lake, ahead of us was waiting for the Swiss lakes. Interestingly, a customs post between Italy and Switzerland is still alive and in the booth with the inscription DOGANA (customs) customs officers actively working, which selectively stop the car. We did not stop. Changes in architecture and already instead of the usual houses Chalet appear.

Stopped in Lugano for lunch, looked at the beautiful lake, our way was over the Alps to the lake of Brienz.

The way were views of snow-capped peaks, feasting his eyes on one of them entered the tunnel with a length of 16 km with the roof. The tunnel was 37 degrees, the ventilation is almost not working and we all breathed the concentrated exhaust gases. Flew out!!!! we need a twist on Interlaken and went to the detour. And do not regret it, as the road passed along large and small lakes. The first lake – Vierwaldstatter was so beautiful that staying near him was not possible.

In front of the entrance to the Heights from the mountain road below saw another lake of Lungern.

Only the contemplation of the scenery was marred by the rain, jumping in the shower.

Besides our hotel was situated in a quiet location on the mountain and wanted to get there before dark. Navigator confidently led us along a narrow road on the mountain. When meeting oncoming cars was going to pass was problematic given that the height of 300 meters. No signs or signs was not understood at all – that’s right we’re going, after a long ascent appeared a pointer to some restaurant, and then a pointer to our hotel. Not for nothing was raised. About the most beautiful lake I will write next time.

After rain the waterfall took an unexpected color 🙂

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