Most large lakes of the world (Part-3)
  Closes the three largest lakes are Victoria lake in East Africa, in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Located in a tectonic trough of the East African platform, at a height…

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The Geography of Austria. Federal lands and major lakes in Austria
Austria lies in southern Central Europe, its total area is 83 871 km2. It borders with several countries: Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Germany. The total…

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Large lakes of the world – history of the world. The history of Russia and world history

Currently many people do not understand the word lake. The fact that many tourists describe it as something quiet and small. And in a sense they are right, but only partly. Indeed, for a long period of time formed a lot of lakes that reach monstrous sizes. And indeed it is. There are examples, which have a total area of about 2.5 million square kilometers. Just think about this figure. These are real monsters in the water sector. It is about them that we decided to make a small rating.

In last place is situated the lake called “the Great Slave”. It has a total area of about 28 square kilometers. As for the location, the lake is located in Northern Canada that is quite interesting. Many tourists know that the Slave represents the balance of the large pond that existed several thousand years ago. It is worth noting that the lake is adjacent to the tundra and the so-called Canadian shield. All this allows you to enjoy truly stunning views. If you delve into the history of these place, you can learn and the derivation of the name. Previously there was inhabited by indigenous Indians from the tribe of slavey.

Further mention should be made about lake Malawi, located not far from Mozambique and Malawi. Locals say that the lake was created due to the large number of tectonic earthquakes that occurred almost every day. This has affected not only the size but also the depth. If you bring the numbers, the depth is more than 700-TA meters, but the total area is 30 thousand square meters. It is quite small, in comparison with other lakes. If you want to ride on a small boat, then you need to be very careful. The fact is that in these places a powerful storm rages, preventing comfortable movement.

Next is situated the “Big bear”, has an area of about 330 thousand square kilometers. Of course, the depth is a little disappoint, just 400 metres away. But this is enough to be pretty comfortable to swim not only on the Mat but also on the boat. The lake itself is located in the Northern part of the territory of Canada. I would also like to note that on-site and the lake bottom was found a large quantity of uranium used in the nuclear industry. This was some of the impetus for the development of the local area. We know from history that the uranium mined there was used for the production of bombs dropped on Japanese cities.

And of course, how we can skip the lake Baikal. It is a real miracle of nature, the like of which does not exist. In fact it is the largest reservoir, which is fresh water. For this, many tourists and geologists love this lake, which is not surprising. As for size, they are quite impressive. The total area is 32 thousand square meters, but the depth of 700 metres. It should be noted that Baikal is bordered by the Republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk region. Due to this you some nice views not only on forests and mountains, but also in the animal world. Here you can meet bears, wolves and so on.

Here we have given a very small list of lakes that we found to be the most interesting and large. Of course, many experts and tourists can argue with all this, that’s their business. Indeed, in the world there are so many different lakes, which need to tell. Many conservationists are very serious about developing such kind of tops. This allows you to demonstrate that you can meet in the world.