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The Natural Park Aya, Aya lake

The natural Park “Traveler” is located in the foothills of the Altai mountains, namely on the territory of the Altai district of Altai Krai. In Turkic languages Altai means “Golden”. This name also reflects the legends about countless treasures of nomadic tribes and real deposits of gold in the generous land and the unique beauty of local places.

Gorny Altai is the highest mountainous region of Siberia. The mountains here rise to a height of over 4000 m above sea level and the peaks are perennially covered by snow. The Highest peak of the Mountain of Altai – Belukha mountain. Its height is 4506 meters above sea level.

Gorny Altai is famous not only for its mountain peaks, but also diverse and unique landscapes. There are a lot of lakes of various sizes – from very tiny to huge. Biggest and most famous lake in the Mountain Altai – the lake Teletskoye. Its depth of over 300 metres long, just under 90 miles. Lake Teletskoe is among 20 deepest lakes in the world and is the second largest natural reservoir of fresh water, conceding superiority only to lake Baikal.

In the Altai mountains is a huge number of caves, which are unique objects of nature with a unique underground landscape, a special microclimate, fauna and flora. Many of these caves served as dwelling sites for prehistoric man, as evidenced by numerous finds. Here is the deepest cave in Siberia and the Far East “mine Altaic”, having a depth more than 300 meters, and the length of the passages several kilometres!

It is impossible to describe all the beauty of nature of Gorny Altai in a nutshell, because it is very diverse. There are mountains, steppes, impenetrable taiga, Alpine meadows, countless lakes and waterfalls, caves and peaks, covered with eternal snows. Here is possible to all kinds of tourism: driving routes, equestrian tourism, mountaineering, ski tourism, Hiking and rafting on mountain rivers of any complexity. Each person will be able to find vacations and tours in the Mountain Altai according to your taste! No wonder, having been once in the Altai mountains, many return here again and again to enjoy the uniqueness of untouched nature, clean mountain air, and immerse yourself in the pristine and unexplored world.

This, along with the rapid development of tourism infrastructure contribute to the fact that the Altai mountains in the last years is becoming more and more popular holiday destination. Annually here come hundred thousand tourists from different countries, most of which rest a few of the most popular places of Mountain Altai.

One of the popular tourist places in Altai is Altai region, located in the foothills. The Altai region is known for its favourable climate here in the winter, a little warmer, but summers are slightly cooler than in other places of the Altai. Because of the close proximity of the mountains, the territory of the district is protected from strong winds, but at the same time, rainfall is a significant number here, it impacts on the diversity of flora and therefore fauna.

On the territory of the Altai region there are many attractions that residents of the area are rightly proud of. For example, there is a place where butterflies live, which nowhere else in the world. Because of the special climate they grow well here even such southern plants as grapes and apricot. Local industrial and horticulture and is known far beyond the Altai territory. Also here is mentioned the Altay mine – the deepest cave in Siberia and the Far East.

But the most popular natural object on the territory of the Altai district, certainly is the lake Aya, known for its natural beauty, picturesque surroundings and warm water. It is quite natural that with the increasing flow of tourists in the area of lake Aya, and constantly increasing recreational pressure on the lake itself and its surrounding places. To limit negative human impact and to preserve the nature of this unique corner of the Altai, was created the Natural Park “Traveler”.


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