Rest in Adelani, tours, tours in Adelani, China
Manzhouli is the homeland of the peoples who founded several dynasties in Manchuria and China, and the last and the most famous were the Manchus, who have given their name…

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Holidays at the lakes in Khakassia: relax your body and soul on the shore of any lake
Features on the lakes of Khakassia there are several recreation facilities (rest homes): a beautiful recreation “Prestige” on the lake. Bela, recreation “the company" holiday home "breaking the waves", recreation…

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About Slovenia. With love

Wonder at the beauty of this small country begin as soon as preciese its borders. It seems that there is no place more beautiful. Tourists eyes open endless green hills, manicured vineyards, mountain lakes with crystal clear water. Even more excited about Slovenia visit comes after a visit to the limestone caves, visit Triglav national Park, thermal springs, the famous lake bled and Bohinj, you’ll see Juliska Alps, ancient castles and relax on the beaches of the Adriatic sea.

Slovenia is a hospitable, prosperous country with a stable economy. The size is two times less than Switzerland, is located on the land between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. In the South-West of the country is small, only 50 kilometers, out to sea. Simple calculations show that for each inhabitant of the country has about 4 inches of the shoreline. The Slovenian coast of the Adriatic sea is dotted with hotels of different level of comfort. In autumn and spring, when the weather is particularly mild and favourable, it is best to go in the most beautiful city in the country on a sightseeing holiday. Definitely worth visiting the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Also in cool days especially pleased to improve health in local health centers: Slovenia long been famous for its spas. With the opening of the ski season in the country comes the stream of fans of extreme rest. Skiers here appreciate excellent tracks European level, excellent service, reasonable prices.

Ljubljana, the beautiful capital of Slovenia, is undoubtedly the most beautiful of its towns. Experts in the field of tourism are convinced that Ljubljana the beauty of architecture is in line with such favorite tourist capitals like Prague and Bucharest. In the architecture of Ljubljana intricately intertwined styles such as Baroque, Renaissance and art Nouveau. Visit the historic center of the city. A special atmosphere is enchanting. Anyone who has visited in Ljubljana, will certainly want to return there again.

Locals like to joke that in the name of the country Slovenia (Slovenia) there is the word “love” (love). And for this reason Slovenia is so popular with all tourists coming here on vacation, trips or health improvement.