LAKES RESOURCES One of the main natural resources of the Republic are lakes, water resources – water resources suitable for use in the household. The quantity and quality of resources…

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A Trip to the lake Synevir
Synevir lake (the resort) is rightly considered the hallmark of the Carpathians. It is a bit larger and one of the most beautiful lakes in Ukraine. Synevyr is also called…

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Baikal courtyard

Baikal is a unique lake located in the heart of the Asian continent, which the locals call “sacred sea” .

Here and only here a rare combination of fiery Asian sun, cool winds and a refreshing transparency of air and water.

Baikal is beautiful in any season, but especially good in July, in the days when at the lake, a rare phenomenon – the famous Baikal gloss and water like molten glass, and the air is full of absolute silence.

Baikal – a unique lake. The depth and volume of water Baikal – the undisputed leader among lakes in the world:

Maximum depth-1637 m.

Volume of water – 23 thousand cubic km (20% of the world’s fresh water and 80% nationwide).

The total length of the coastline-2100 km.

The water visibility up to 40 meters in depth.

The age of the lake – about 25 million years

Lot on lake Baikal, beautiful places, but there is one special where pulls of all those who ever visited here: near the mouth of the Selenga river on the southeastern coast of lake Baikal is located the village of Enkhaluk.

There are beautiful sandy beaches, magnificent mixed forest with plenty of mushrooms and berries and, without exaggeration, the cleanest air in the world.

150 meters from lake Baikal, in the heart of this village guest house «Baikal courtyard”.

«Baikal courtyard” is a house of round logs with double and family rooms with balconies and a 2-storey cottage with Suite. The guest complex is designed for 20 people, with equally comfortable and comfortable in it will feel like a small group of tourists and couples with children. Here is everything you need to tourists – living room, dining room, domestic kitchen, steam room.

As there is shallow water, the water warms up well. On the beach you can rent boats, catamarans, as well as take a boat trip.

But not only in summer in Enkhaluk tourists – local places full of charm and winter. Ice fishing, skiing through the woods, picnic on the ice.

And in 2008 guest house «Baikal courtyard” was also the residence of Russian father Frost who first arrived from Veliky Ustyug to lake Baikal.

Year-round demand for hot springs, located 8 km from Enkhaluk.