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The Most beautiful lakes of Ukraine

In Ukraine there are more than three thousand lakes and each of them is in some way interesting. However, truly beautiful bodies of water not so much. We have selected five of the most amazing lakes of Ukraine and we bring to your attention a rating from travel.


The mere fact that this lake is included in the list of “7 wonders of Ukraine” says a lot. Svitiaz is the biggest and deepest lake of natural origin in the vastness of our country. As you know, Svityaz included in the group of Shatsky lakes is a favorite destination of many Ukrainians.

To get to the lake Svityaz from Kiev is easiest via the city of Kovel’. From Kovel Central bus station at intervals of 10-20 minutes, there are minibuses to the lake Svityaz, the cost of the ticket – 18-19 UAH.


They Synevir lake – and “Sea eye”, and “pearl of the Carpathians”. It certainly deserves such epithets and comparisons. Located in the picturesque area – at the height of 989 meters, surrounded by mountains covered with thick forests – Synevyr lake really looks like a huge eye, if you look at his picture from the satellite.

The lake can be reached in several ways. The first bus from the city of Khust, which is to Synevyrska Polyana. Second: to get to Volovets station, then go by bus to Mizhgirya, intermountain same goes the bus to the village of Synevyrska Polyana. You can also take a taxi from the Volovets, or to order a minibus, if the company is large.


Lake Yalpug is the second largest freshwater lake in Europe. Its length is 39 km, while the width in some places reaches 7 km. the Lake is primarily famous for its rich flora and fauna – here, for example, there are about 41 species of fish. However, in recent years, the Yalpug is increasingly polluted by sewage water.

By the way, there is a legend that on the way to Odessa the famous poet Alexander Pushkin stopped to rest near the lake and planted oak. Modern tourists to get to the Yalpug should be through Ishmael. From there by bus or minibus will need to get to the town of Bolgrad. The distance is 44 km, travel time-about an hour. A taxi will cost around 200 UAH. Or, alternatively, to try to hitchhike.

Shelekhov lake

The real pride of Sumy region is located near the village of Mezhyrich Lebedinsky district. Scientists believe that the lake was formed during the ice age. Here are just a pond with a history, unfortunately, is not as popular among tourists as the same Svityaz or Synevyr.

This can be explained by the inaccessibility of Shelekhov of the lake. To get to this pond – a very difficult task. It is better to come to the village of Mezhyrich and there to negotiate with local residents to drive to the lake. And there better not to go on anything except four-wheel drive jeep or a UAZ.

White lake

This lake in the Vladimir region Rivne region are very small in size – its length 3 km, width 3 km it Is located near the Rivne NPP, but the water is pristine, the transparency reaches about 2 meters. There are a lot of species of fish, beavers, muskrats. They say that White is the lake called due to the foggy weather that nature for bodies of water near nuclear plants.

To get to White lake from Rivne and Lutsk on the taxi. You go to the village Kuznetsovsk, where it will get its way directly to the lake.


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