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Amazing and impregnable city in France

The Town of Annecy — French Venice

Annecy is located on the Eastern coast of France. The town is considered the capital of the Haute Savoie. It stretches along the Northern shores of the spectacular lake Annecy. Nearby is the Swiss Geneva, enveloped by the romantic halo of medieval times and cultural attractions, castles, museums, which are interesting for many tourists who annually visit Annecy.

How to get to the city?

The most convenient option to get to Annecy is arrival in the Swiss city of Geneva. Next you need to catch a train and go towards the main town of the French Department of Haute-Savoie. Travel time is 30 minutes.

If you go from Paris or Lyon, the duration of the travel by train is from 2 up to 4 hours. Each area of France is extremely well-developed bus route. Also the amazing and limitless the lake you can rent boats and boats.

What are the special features of Annecy?

Fabulous and beautiful, unusual and mysterious, Annecy attracts many tourists. This is the sweet spot for these travelers. Oh, how nice to stroll through the narrow streets, paved with stones, to look at the houses with tiled roofs!

Here and what a beautiful lake! Around him, warm beaches with white Sands, which is called tourism.

Water lovers and sports lovers smooth and perfect tan does not get tired to admire the atmosphere of Annecy. Besides tourism, there is developed food, textile and metal working industries.

If you are visiting this fascinating city, you can stay in comfortable hotels, where there are cozy restaurants, made in the style of the middle Ages, gift stalls and entertainment complexes.

Among local population the impressive part is Russian. City streets are proud of our unrivalled scenery that includes the mighty mountains and crystal clear lakes. And bright rays of the sun reflected on the surface of them.

Throughout the year in the city of Annecy hosts various events, festivals, what is going to a huge number of people. If you wish to spend a weekend unforgettable, we suggest that you go to this town.

What kind of weather prevails in the city of Annecy?

In Annecy inhabits humid warm climate, in some places even have fogs. So not only do Albion – London can be proud of its dense and frequent fogs.

The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and above.

Throughout the year can fall precipitation, but in moderation. Here, for example, once a month in autumn or winter can throw at drizzle.

If you want to relax in Annecy, then you can come here at any time. Most tourists like to stay here for the summer to swim in clear lake and sunbathe on the warm sand.

What sights to see?

The most important and interesting buildings of Annecy is considered the city’s medieval castle . which was once the residence of the count of Geneva. Today the castle is a Museum.

The city’s medieval castle — old jail

Also you will be delighted with the prisons that are on the island one of the channels. Its shape in the form of a triangle very similar to the stone ship, which is sailing through the crystal clear waters of the lake. And since then, it took a couple of centuries. For a long time it was a manor house . then the prison and at the end you can see the Museum . Most of the tourists for some reason loves to pay attention to it. Also photographers say the pictures of the castle from all angles are just excellent.

On the Eastern shore of lake Annecy, you’ll be past the Abbey of the Benedictines

and down at the mouth of the canal Du Vasseur, you find yourself in a beautiful Park with a fascinating fountains, beautiful paintings, gardens, sculptures .

Lovers just like here. Going down to the lake, you will see a bridge with the romantic name “Bridge of Love”.

It was visited by many loving couples.

More interesting than the town of Annecy?

As mentioned earlier, festivals and events are held in Annecy.

Every first Saturday of the local people celebrate here the feast of the lake . Evening over the lake start you rig, hold special performances in music, as it combines with bright and colorful lights of fireworks.

Jazz festival is held second weekend in July. A lot of fans of this direction together. In June an international festival of animation and cinema . Movie lovers will have the event for everyone.

In Annecy there are culinary schools that offer its guests various and delicious menu. Fragrant seafood, well-cooked steak, meat dishes, vegetables, sweets, fresh fruit, French wine and the legendary air desserts in every restaurant menu and cafe.

In local shops, souvenir shops and shopping malls you can buy any products and traditional magnets with pictures of fascinating sights and Annecy lakes.

The town of Annecy is considered to be a unique indicator of provincial France. It combines the ancient culture of the Haute Savoie and touching story of the entire region. The city attracts due to its rare charm. The picture is old and cosy town of Annecy remains in the memory of every traveller who visited crystal-clear lake Annecy.

According to the tourists, they really like small cities in a huge country. After all, in the tiny town of even a novice traveler will experience the unique comfort.

In Annecy strongly developed national identity. It is felt that in near future there is expected the development of provincial tourism. In Annecy at any time you can feel the local flavor and uniqueness of this tiny piece of land.