A Trip to the lake Buchak
The trip was quite spontaneous, after looking at their schedules, I saw that I have two days off, and in the city specific plans were not, it was a sure…

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Romania The Palace or castle bran «Dracula» Romania is interesting for those tourists who prefer to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing trips to local attractions. It is also ideal…

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Armenia – travel Agency Magic Tours


one can meet more miracles,

I would call first of all Armenia .

Armenia is a country of the South Caucasus, located in the Northwest of the Armenian highlands, called historical Armenia . between the Black and Caspian seas. From the North and East are framed by ridges of Small Caucasus. Borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Despite the fact that Armenia is geographically located in Asia, it has close political and cultural ties with Europe. Armenia has always been at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, so it is considered as a transcontinental country.

Armenia is an ancient state in the Caucasus, one of the oldest in the world and the middle East. Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion (according to traditional date is 301).

Armenia is rich in monuments of culture and nature country. There are monuments of the pre-Christian era: the ruins of the Urartian Erebuni Teishebaini, ancient Armenian capitals of Armavir, Artashat, Garni pagan temple and others.

Armenia is particularly rich in Christian monuments. This Cathedral in Ejmiatsin, monasteries of Noravank, Geghard, Khor Virap, Goshavank, Sevanavank, ruins of ancient Church of Zvartnots, a cemetery of cross-stones in Noraduz and many others. Among the monuments of nature of the unique lake Sevan, Jermuk waterfall, lake Parz and Kari, rocks of Khndzoresk, prominent from many points of Armenia mount Ararat, but also a beautiful and diverse mountain landscape of the country.

Travel in Armenia will open one of the most ancient cultures of the world. Visit the world’s oldest Christian churches, get acquainted with their past and present, on a visit to an Armenian family and try the dishes of Armenian traditional cuisine.

Select the best hotels in Armenia or rent apartments and houses in Yerevan for your business and touristic visits.

Capital: Yerevan.

Climate: the climate in Armenia is dry continental — long, cold winters and hot summers. The temperature in January ranges between -12 and -15C or 10-23F, and it can drop down to -30C (-22F). In July environments. the temperature in the mountainous regions of +10C (50F) and about +25C (77F) in the plains. Annual precipitation varies in the range 20-80 cm (8-31 inches). The highest mountain peaks in Armenia are covered year round with snow.

The biggest water surface . Lake Sevan (PL 4,890 sq. km altitude of 1900 m above sea level)

Population: the population of the Republic of Armenia — 3.8 million. About as many lives in other countries.

Language: the official language — the Armenian, but the majority of the population speaks Russian and English.

Religion: Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as an official religion in 301 ad. In 2001, the country celebrated the 1,700 th anniversary of adoption of Christianity.

Currency: the national currency — AMD — is determined by the ratio to the U.S. dollar, Euro, Russian ruble, etc.

Currency exchange: Hard currency can be exchanged at numerous exchange bureaus throughout the city. In large banks and in many hotels you can exchange Eurocheques. Credit card (American Express, Visa, Euro/Master Card) accept all hotels, many shops and restaurants.

Visa: For entry into the country requires a visa. Armenia has agreements on visa-free mutual visits with States — the CIS member States (without invitations), Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Cuba (invitation cards: official — from institutions, private — issued by the Ministry of internal Affairs of the RA). Visas are issued at border crossings or at the airport.