The Lake Bolshoye yarovoye
Lake in Big Spring Yarovoye is a large pond with salt water in the West kulundinsky steppe of the Slavgorod district of the Altay territory. 1.The jewel of the Altai…

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The Lake Serverswith in Denmark on a map, how to get there
Lake Serverswith On the island in the middle of Voir Faroe Islands there is a wonderful lake Serversman (Lativan). This pond covers an area of 3.4 km2 and is the…

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Lake Tambukan – a storehouse of health

A truly amazing lake Tambukan is situated on the border of Stavropol territory and the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria – a salty, stagnant, oval shape, its length is 2 km, width – 1 km as the main power sources of Tambukan lake are underground melt water and atmospheric precipitation. And it is no accident this lake is situated in the conservation area. All the matter – in the mud.

They say that the Tambukan lake exists on that land for thousands of years, but where it came from, no one knows for sure. At different times scientists have put forward a variety of assumptions. According to the first version, the Tambukan lake is nothing more than the remnant of a dried-up ancient sea. The second legend attributes the origin of the lakes and numerous groundwater saturated sediments maykopskoy clay, located in e area. According to another version, the Tambukan Lake – this is just the old bed of This river, which flows today near Tambukan.

This original name of the legendary lake is named in honor of the founder of the Kabardian – Prince Tambiev, buried in the area. And the name of the lake translates as “shelter for Cambia”.

A person, who looks into the waters of lake Tambukan for the first time, it may seem not just mysterious, but even a little creepy. The water surface here remains dark even in the clear and calm weather. And even through the dark water that you can always see the legendary mud of Tambukan, dense carpet that covers the entire surface of the bottom of the lake. The basic structure of medical tambukansky dirt – minerals and organic matter, by which she is known for its medicinal properties, which will enhance health and improve immunity.

To date, all spas and health resorts of Pyatigorsk, Mineralnye Vody, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk and Yessentuki used the mud of the lake Tambukan for a variety of revitalizing procedures and treatments of diseases.