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The Lake Bolshoye yarovoye

Lake in Big Spring

Yarovoye is a large pond with salt water in the West kulundinsky steppe of the Slavgorod district of the Altay territory.

1.The jewel of the Altai territory

2.Healing the lake

3.Stay on the lake

4.A large Lake and the origins of the force

The jewel of the Altai territory

Lake Bolshoye yarovoye – Altai treasure. Every year on its shores is collected a lot of people who come to relax, heal a bit, if not to cure their illness. And people are coming not only from Russia but also from other countries, because it is very similar in its qualities to the Israeli Dead sea.

Big spring is fed only by underground springs, rainfall or meltwater. The locals call their “miracle” of nature as “a saucer of salt water in the wilderness.” Really, it surrounds the steppe, where almost no trees grow, only grass field. Coast “Altai sea” precipitous, and only there, where people cultivated the coast, the shore gently slopes to the water.

Healing the lake

The main feature of Spring is the composition of water and brine. The amount of mineral salts and trace elements beneficial – 140-150 g/liter. In large quantities in water and lake mud contains chlorides of sodium, calcium and magnesium and their sulphates. Lot in the lake and bromine, the vapour of which has a calming effect on human body. In addition, the reservoir contains various useful for the human body acid. In General, almost all “first aid kit” in one place.

Salt water is so highly concentrated that does not allow a person to sink, keeps it on the surface, whatever position he holds. Swimming in the lake be careful not to pick up a lot of spray and not to dive with open eyes, once again not to irritate the eye salt.

Brine with lots of minerals, the curative mud from the lake bottom, the air over the pond filled with bromine and trace elements, creates the perfect atmosphere for curing people from different diseases: neurological, skin, from problems with the respiratory system, gynecological, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and many others. The efficiency of medical treatments by specialists recognized at the level of 90-95 %.

On the shore there is a unique in whole Siberia and far East medical sanatorium under the name “Chemist” and medical center “Lake spring”.

Stay on the lake

Mild climate, plenty of sunshine, clean air is conducive not only to treatment but also to rest. On the coast there are two beach of the area called “Pier 22 and Pier 42”. They are equipped on the highest level: gazebo, sun loungers, toilets and showers. Entertainment for adults and children built a water Park, numerous cafes and bars, attractions for children. It is also possible to rent catamarans, boats and yachts. And in the evenings on the coast is arranged a disco.

Near the lake is its Bay and fresh water called “Warm Key”. The distance from the city to the Bay about 10 kilometers. There you can gain or spread mud, then wash it immediately in water source.

For the convenience of visitors at the black sea coast and in Spring the city built rest houses and hotels. Also no problems when removing the housing from residents of the city.

Many people from many countries come to the village to get the healing power of nature, generously spilled across the terrain and get an unforgettable vacation.

A large Lake and the origins of the force

Since ancient times, ancient people revered and worshiped a spring. They believed that it fulfills a human desire. It clears negativity, brings peace and confidence, soothes the soul and the body. Many vacationers attest that this is not just a legend, and indeed this is so. At the end of the last century, scientists have confirmed ancient beliefs and legends, proving that the bottom of the lake are anomalous cross energy lines. It is their energy, along with minerals and salts such miraculous effect on the body and soul. Often people are reluctant to leave this place and wait for the time to come here again.

Something unseen and unearthly is in this place, than with the inner world of man does not want to be separated. Pundits can’t find this phenomenon a clear explanation, but nothing can be done, as the saying goes, facts are stubborn things.

Altai Kray is rich in such phenomena, but spring really is a special gift of Mother nature to us, her children.