LAKES RESOURCES One of the main natural resources of the Republic are lakes, water resources – water resources suitable for use in the household. The quantity and quality of resources…

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Famous Titicaca lake turns into a swamp - news filed under Mosaic, relevant information, discussion news, discussion on Newsland
The Lake Titicaca. It is located in the Andes on the border between Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain…

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A Trip to the lake Buchak

The trip was quite spontaneous, after looking at their schedules, I saw that I have two days off, and in the city specific plans were not, it was a sure sign that you had to go somewhere on nature.

In the evening called back to the fellow, knowing that he was easy-going, and invited him to go look at the lake Buchak, which is located in Trahtemirovsky reserve 15 kilometers from Kano. The answer was consent, in the evening purchased the necessary products and agreed to meet at the bus station. (By the way, I want to warn that if you travel to Cannes from the bus station, which is located near the railway station, the fare will be more expensive hryvnia to 7, than if you depart from Stat management).

And so, we went to Cannes, the street was excellent weather. After about 2 hours we stopped in Kano, time we had a little, and immediately wanted to take the next bus, which was supposed to go on Bobritsa, as she was passing, and we jumped into it (well, as hopped – squeezed, and I also want to warn you that the bus to Bobritsa on Saturdays doesn’t go, and it is better to check the schedule of minibuses Kanev bus station beforehand). And so in the bus we were driving somewhere about 30 minutes. Since we had no idea where the lake Buchak, I asked the guy who was driving our minibus whether he knows where is this Lake? The guy said that he is from Kano, but now goes to his grandfather to help him collect birch SAP. He added that he is in the side of the lake to go, and he’ll throw up in his car. Well it was just the hand, we went out with him at the bus stop, the guy said to wait for him 20 minutes, he is going to come. 20 minutes later he arrived, we loaded him into the car and drove to the Lake. From Bobrychi to Bucak 10 kilometers, it would be possible to go on foot, but why, if everything is fine add up.

The car drove us into the Lake, collecting things, we decided to go for a walk along the shore, I must admit that the place is really beautiful, but judging by the numerous encampments, in the summer a lot of people resting in these places. Nature, fresh air, leisure time has flown by.

The evening was approaching and it was necessary to put the camp, we chose the highest point which could see the lake near the cliff. This created an atmosphere of mountain scenery.

On the sky appeared a star, which you will never see in the city, we made a fire, grilled meat and late-night drinking tea.

Then climbed into the tent and quickly fell asleep. But by morning the wind grew stronger, and we partially regretted that he had put up a tent in an open area, but it was the price for the beautiful scenery in the morning that we planned to see. The wind did not abate until the morning. Somewhere around 9 we woke up, Packed up, and descended the cliff to the water, had Breakfast and started walking Bobric, and whence he went to Kaniv. With Kaneva to get to Cherkassy was not work, so in a couple of hours we were already home. Here is a short journey. You could even say – a little life, which gave a lot of good memories.