Bathing in the healing lake Entropy
I recently read that in the Chelyabinsk region more than 3000 lakes! And, despite this, the majority of the population go to the same well-known lake: Casali, spruce, Turgoyak, Chebarkul,…

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Amazing and impregnable city in France
The Town of Annecy — French Venice Annecy is located on the Eastern coast of France. The town is considered the capital of the Haute Savoie. It stretches along the…

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Cerro Verde – the conquest of the volcano Santa Ana

In General, one of the main attractions of Salvador is the volcanoes. In this country spans only 200 km there are about 25 active and extinct volcanoes, so as not to attend at least one – impossible. We went to the national Park Cerro Verde to conquer the highest point in the country – an extinct volcano Santa Ana (2381 m), and at the same time to admire the active volcano of Izalco: strictly sharp black cone, which cling clouds, striking classical beauty. This volcano is not one local legend, he is known for capricious temper. 60 years ago the volcano daily arranged a colorful show with the emission of smoke, stones and lava, showing off his dazzling thousands of tourists, and has earned the reputation as the “lighthouse of the Pacific”, as the glow from his ever-active crater was visible even during the day the sailors for many miles. However, when the neighboring mountain slopes built expensive hotel, admiring the volcano took place with comfort, Izalco curtailed their activities. He no longer wants to be a star. Deserted the hotel serves as a reminder that nature maketh anyone, but not people.

P them in Santa Ana takes two hours, and the occupation is quite energy intensive. By the middle of the path barely clinging to the rocks on the trail, cursing his curiosity. Particularly annoying is that the police accompany you (they are here for Your safety) we skip over the rocks like mountain sheep, about a hundred yards ahead and as fresh as roses. Probably an effect of training: sometimes during the day they climb the Santa Ana four times.

T he top of the volcano the landscape changes suddenly from the earth to the moon. Around not a blade of grass, black volcanic rock forms a bizarre landscape. From the crater for a persuasiveness dense forest and then you hear a cough – the volcano emits toxic sulfur gases, so to be with him in just a few minutes. But it’s enough to once again truly surprised at how beautiful this world, and stand in awe numbing. We saw gray shadows of clouds scooting across green hills, dive into the piercing blue volcanic lake Coatepeque on the East slope of Santa Ana and then how the clouds creep out of the lake is white and fluffy.

Travel tips:

Best time to visit Salvador is from November to may. In the country the dry season, however, at the beginning of the rainy season (in may) the prices are much lower.

The local inhabitants are zealous Catholics, so the most lavish celebrations Catholic celebrations. Don’t miss the Easter week!

T o see the country, enough for 7-10 days, because the area is very small and everything is compact. You can stay in the hotel in San Salvador and to see all the sights of the country, without changing their place of residence.

D o not carry large sums of money, the guidebooks warn you about the high level of street crime.

W awatch about currency exchange: all calculations in the country has long been in USD and not in local columns.

During the excursion to the volcano, take a scarf, through which You will be easier to breathe at the crater.

And avtobusi in El Salvador, very cheap, run regularly. However, exploring the province, remember that the last buses leave to San Salvador, not later than 5 o’clock in the evening, otherwise you’ll have to spend money on a taxi.

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