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Unique place located on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Here come the many fans of beautiful and inexplicable. Such a natural picture, like here, can no longer be seen in any corner of the globe. What is so interesting this place?

On Flores island is a large volcano called Kelimutu. It has 3 crater, in which water splashes. These three lakes, located at an altitude of 1640 meters, radically differ from each other by the color of water, despite the fact that and on the same mountain range.

The color of the water changes periodically from red to brown, and turquoise may be color or even green. Agree, an extraordinary picture is drawn in my head. No wonder this place is considered as mystical. Here it is possible to continuously observe unusual misty haze that hangs directly over the lakes. According to local legend, the volcano Kelimutu is a kind of shelter for the dead. Here found their home of numerous ghosts and the souls of the dead.

Local residents came up with for each of the lakes its name. For example, the first lake is named Tiwi Ata Mbupu, which means “Lake of the elderly”. The second lake — Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Tai easier to name “the Lake of young and young people”. But the third lake is called Tiwu Ata Polo is for the local inhabitants of the pond for evil spirits. No wonder the translation means — “the Enchanted lake”.

Scientists are not difficult to find out the cause of the unusual color of these lakes. The fact that the coloration of these waters is influenced by the mineral rocks that lie at their bottom. But that’s not all. Colour lakes depends on the activity of the volcano itself. Although the last eruption occurred in 1968, today is still the activity is not stopped, and the volcano can Wake up at any moment.

The island Flores is quite large in magnitude. Its area is about 450 kilometers. Mount Kelimutu is in the eponymous national Park. Nearest town from this place is located 60 kilometers. It is called ende. However, the most common and popular place where tourists rest, is a small village called Moli. Residential settlement is located right at the foot of the mountain.

The behavior of these lakes is almost impossible to predict. You can watch all three bodies of water and see in an instant the colors of the lakes change dramatically.

Being on the top of mount Kelimutu, you should be cautious. In these places accidents happen not infrequently. This is mainly due to common errors: to come closer, to come back later, etc.

Typically, tourists and travelers come here early in the morning, when the steam above the water is still not dissipated. This happens usually by noon. Colored lakes of Kelimutu to visit very useful. Here not only has a beautiful atmosphere, but also natural landscapes that are literally hypnotizing the visitors of this place. It is very good to stay alone with nature, to think about good, enjoying pure mountain air. However, it should be remembered that to stay here is not worth it, because at sunset, to descend along the mountain slopes is very dangerous and difficult. This is best done some time after noon. In the village of Moli located at the bottom, you can stay overnight or simply have a good time. Everything has been designed for the most comfortable stay.

Unique Kelimutu lake in its kind, probably the most unusual and beautiful in the world. And hanging over them a haze that only adds beauty to these landscapes.

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