Romania The Palace or castle bran «Dracula» Romania is interesting for those tourists who prefer to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing trips to local attractions. It is also ideal…

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Large lakes of the world - history of the world. The history of Russia and world history
Currently many people do not understand the word lake. The fact that many tourists describe it as something quiet and small. And in a sense they are right, but only…

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The Palace or castle bran «Dracula»

Romania is interesting for those tourists who prefer to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing trips to local attractions. It is also ideal for lovers of ecological tourism, because the country has 13 national parks and more than 600 reserves.

Romania is situated in the Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and washed by the Black sea. Comfortable temperature in summer, sea, beaches, majestic castles, medieval towns and beautiful scenery – what more could you want during the holidays?!

Romania has gained wide popularity around the world due to the legend about count Dracula . who lived in these parts about six years ago. It is not surprising that the majority of tourists coming here seek to find yourself in the excitement of historical events, to visit the castle of the famous book character by Bram Stoker.

Fans of vampire themes is certainly worth a visit the medieval Saxon city of Brasov . There is the famous Black Church – largest Gothic Church in the territory from Vienna to Istanbul. In addition, 30 km South from the town is the castle of bran — the so-called residence of count Dracula. The castle (bran castle) was built on a high hill between Transylvania and Wallachia. In addition, on the local market, which is located at the foot of this hill, you can buy Souvenirs on the vampire theme.

Beach lovers will appreciate the mild climate, hot and Sunny summer days. A large part of the black sea coast in Romania, covered with Golden sand.

Of particular interest are the healing of the lake, near the coast. On the basis of these established spas, which every year are becoming increasingly popular. The most famous lakes techirghiol and Ursu .

The healing properties of lake techirghiol are its sapropelic mud that contains plenty of humus, organic, mineral, estrogenic substances, enzymes and vitamins. These healing properties help to treat skin, rheumatic and psoriatic diseases. The locals call the lake techirghiol second Dead sea. And no wonder, because the lake water is 6 times saltier than the black sea. Close to lake techirghiol is famous resort of Eforie Nord.

Lake Ursu, translated from the Romanian “bear”, considered to be the biggest thermal lake in Europe and one of the salty Helio-thermal lakes in the world. Wanting to strengthen your body in the mineral waters of this lake is worth a visit Spa resort Sovata (Sovata). In addition to medical procedures in the Ursu lake, Sovata resort and other famous Helio-thermal lakes, medicinal waters and of sodium chloride:

— lake Alunish

— lake Verde (Green lake)

— the lake Rosu (or Red lake)

— Negro lake (or Black lake)

— lake Mierla

— lake Serpilor

The tourists intending to visit Romania, will be helpful to know some information about the national cuisine, but it is very original. It is based on various vegetables and corn, and the most popular dish is the Hominy. Hominy is hard boiled porridge made from corn flour, is a kind of basis for a huge variety of dishes: served with various additives, fried, prepared with her puddings and snacks.

As mentioned earlier, Romanian cuisine is famous for an abundance of vegetables. In addition to Hominy, there are other national dishes. For example, sarmale – delicious stuffed cabbage and grape leaves. The national dishes of Romania include also some kinds of traditional chorba soup, and their soup of corn flour.