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Large lakes of the world - history of the world. The history of Russia and world history
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Blue and Red lake (Croatia)

Type of holiday: relaxing on the lake

Pros: unforgettable beauty!


In the summer of 2012 we were vacationing in Croatia, and because the week took a rental car, then tried to “squeeze the most” and see as much as possible.

Well, back in Moscow, I read about the unique lake near the town of Imotski Blue and Red. And since it was not far from the Villa where we rested, we decided to see and them. So, in a way! About two hours we wound through the mountain roads, drive to Imotski. Fortunately, we were with the Navigator, he brought us. Then I started to ask because he saw the sign “Modro jezero”, saw no hint of the nearby lake. We were told that the lake will have to walk another 20 minutes.

And again now on foot! Already pass about 100 meters and found an observation deck where we hoped to see the lake. The wind up there was such that we literally blew me off! was going strong for each other!

But here, glancing from the platform, as if from the balcony down, we were amazed – from there, from the depth of the mining pit we watched the lake is surprisingly deep turquoise color!

See on the track the little men? is people go to swim. )

Lake led a rocky zigzag descent with viewing platforms at different levels. Going down was fairly easy, sometimes the path ran in the shadows, somewhere in the sun, but I kept thinking, how are we going to climb back?!

The lake is situated in a deep natural crater, its depth can reach 100 meters, depending on the amount of rain.

To the bottom we never got turned back (July – was very hot!), but on the way we met brave men who obviously came there to bathe! I even a little envied: a lake that color, and therefore, with this crystal clear water I have not met even once! Very impressive!

Back in the car and went to see Red lake. No special shutter no, it can only be seen from the observation deck at the track. For some reason I thought that the lake really is red-coricnevogo color, but no, it was just a dark turquoise color, but the cliffs surrounding the lake were the color of red limestone.

Despite some disappointment, I want to say that the lake is still, of course, very beautiful, and I hope that the memories of the trip will live long in the memory!