The Natural Park Aya, Aya lake
The natural Park "Traveler" is located in the foothills of the Altai mountains, namely on the territory of the Altai district of Altai Krai. In Turkic languages Altai means "Golden".…

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Rest in Adelani, tours, tours in Adelani, China
Manzhouli is the homeland of the peoples who founded several dynasties in Manchuria and China, and the last and the most famous were the Manchus, who have given their name…

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GORKIN TOUR: Abkhazia – a country of the soul!

Abkhazia is a small country, but very interesting and original. First of all, Abkhazia (translated “land of the soul”) – it has its own culture, its life and its just amazing, nature! Abkhazia will be a perfect place for your summer vacation, especially if you do not take the first place expensive hotels, high quality service and all-inclusive. Instead of these, already familiar to the discerning Russian tourists, joys of life, you will find in Abkhazia is much more in this country of cultural and emotional “saturation” you guaranteed!

Gagra, Sukhum, Novy Afon, Pitsunda, Cantrips – these, and other resort cities, will be waiting for you in Abkhazia. And every city is full of attractions!

GORKIN TOUR went to Abkhazia for new experiences and sensations, and received them in full! Starting its journey from the town of Gagra, Jack and Andrew went to the most famous lake of Abkhazia – ritsu. On the way to the Ritz, you can also visit the Blue lake (it is really bright blue – always!), falls the Maiden tears and Male tears, make a wish, breathe in the unique mountain air… At the lake Ritsa necessarily take pictures all around – such beauty you will not find anywhere else!

At this time, Masha was walking through the New Athos and Sukhum: artificial waterfall, an abandoned railway station, famous cafe Brejlova – all it really allows you to feel the spirit and life of Abkhazia. But one place in which GORKIN TOUR, it’s creepy and awe – a favorite summer residence of Stalin. That really is a must see. And this, incidentally, is a real exclusive.

All these pleasures – for a very modest money. See for yourself:

Entry to the territory of the Ritsa national Park – 350 p. (in the territory of the Park – Riza, Blue lake, Gegsky waterfall, dozens of other waterfalls, lakes and rivers);

Excursion to the new Athos cave (another natural miracle in Abkhazia) – 500 p. (children till 8 years free of charge);

Accommodation in hotels and resorts of Abkhazia in average from 700 to 1500 Tr;

Taxi from Adler – bus 500 p – 100 p.

Stay in Abkhazia will not cost you a pretty penny, but definitely memorable! The choice is yours.

Travel to Abkhazia, as well as in other places of the “ruble zone”, this spring gives the SEC the SLIDES – enough to make purchases in shops, cafes and restaurants of the SLIDES and register receipts at the front Desk on the 1st floor of the complex. In addition to the lot you can win thousands of selfie-sticks – for your perfect selfie on the backdrop of the most beautiful natural scenery.