Romania The Palace or castle bran «Dracula» Romania is interesting for those tourists who prefer to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing trips to local attractions. It is also ideal…

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Baikal courtyard
Baikal is a unique lake located in the heart of the Asian continent, which the locals call "sacred sea" . Here and only here a rare combination of fiery Asian…

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Omsk citizens will not be allowed on the famous lakes of the Omsk region

The place is threatened by an ecological disaster.

Until the end of 2013 in Muromtsevo municipal district of the Omsk region it is planned to organize a specially protected nature area (PA) regional significance “Lake Linevo,” reports “Omsk province”. Establishment of new protected areas envisaged by the Plan of events on holding the Year of environmental protection in the Omsk region.

We will remind, in the summer of 2013 the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Omsk region conducted a comprehensive environmental survey of lake Linevo and surrounding areas, justifying the establishment of protected areas.

The survey found that anthropogenic pressure on natural complex from “wild” tourism is so high that the water body has begun an irreversible process of degradation, overgrowing and turning the lake into a swamp. Due to unorganized tourism in the reservoir is discharge of untreated sewage and pollutants, the surrounding area is samosogrevaetsya and, as usually happens in the summer, comes a huge number of vehicles, which in turn can cause irreparable damage to the environment. The only way of slowing down the degradation processes, the decrease of anthropogenic load on natural environment.

In September, R. p. Muromtsevo held a public discussion of the survey with citizens and public organizations. Public discussions were presented the views of business, government, scientific community and local residents. As a result of the final vote initiative to establish regional protected areas in the “Lake Lenevo” was supported by over 94 % of participants of public discussions.

In the future, the survey came to the state ecological expertise. By results of consideration of materials and taking into account public opinion, the expert Commission issued a positive conclusion about necessity of creation in Muromtsevo district PA “Lake Lenevo”.

Currently the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Omsk region have prepared a draft resolution of the Government of the Omsk region “On the organization of the state natural reserve of regional significance “Lake Lenevo”, which in accordance with legislation is being agreed.

Giving the territory of the natural complex of lake Linevo legal status of protected areas will reduce the anthropogenic load, restore and preserve a natural complex in natural state, and will also help to create the conditions for organized recreation and tourism development. However, the regime of the reserve will not prohibit recreational activities, including public access to the waterfront, swimming, sport activities, walking through the area.