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Lazdijai tourism information centre – Lazdijai district

Lazdijai district

The name of Lazdijai city originates from the name of Laddie river, which flows through the city (another name of the river – Raisutis). However, it is unclear how the name originated Lascia. It is assumed that the name of Raisutis origin dates back to Immingham and is associated with the word “raisutis” (walnut). As in Lithuania, the nuts grow on trees, which are called “lazdynai”, then it probably gave rise to the name of the river Lascia.

Guess that 4-6 thousand years ago on the territory of this region people lived. From time immemorial settled here Baltic tribe itwinge, related to Lithuanians and Prussians. They were engaged in arable farming, fishing, hunting. That in this area lived eatingi show litvinskii place names, rivers, lakes. In the second half of the XII century jotvingiu conquered and destroyed the crusaders.

Lazdijai referred to as the manor Lord and seniunija. In 1560 during the reign of Grand Duke Sigismund Augustus, was allocated land for the founding of the city in Laddie. The city of Lazdijai was formed at the crossroads of three roads, and gradually, evenly expanded in all directions. Historical sources mention that in 1571 there were elementary school. About 1570 the town was built a wooden Church. On 17 may 1597 king Sigismund Vasa granted the town the Magdeburg rights Lazdijai. This date is considered the birthday of the city.

The municipality Lazdijai district occupies an area of 130 hectares. 937,7 the Area of agricultural land – 59 164 hectares, forests extend for 42 976,15 ha, and the lake lapping on the 738,51 10 ha.

Protected areas in Lazdijai region is 18,5 % of the area. Here Sasaski Matelski based and regional parks, which have lately become objects of tourist attraction, 4 wildlife sanctuaries and parks Sasaski Winiarski. The landscape and adorn the history is surrounded by legends reminiscent of ancient settlements in Palasinski, Prelomciskes, etc.

The area is famous for its abundance of lakes. The biggest lake Dusia (2 334 ha), Metalic (1 290 ha), Vasai (765 ha), Caries (503 ha). Lake darling was chosen by fans of sailing on other lakes of the happy moments are waiting for anglers. On the outskirts of the district flows the biggest river of Lithuania – Nemunas, on the southern edge of the river Baltoji-ANCA and they.

The largest and most beautiful forest district – forest Kupchynsky. In the list of state protected territories made Partensky Dynowska forest and forest.

Near the lakes, surrounded by undisturbed by anthropogenic activities in the nature, rural tourism farmsteads, the region has more than 40. This created the perfect conditions for tourists near the lakes, they are waiting for forest walks and water activities. Hunters find places to hunt, fishermen to fish, lovers of relaxation are waiting for berries and mushrooms, and the active tourists on boats and kayaks to travel on water routes, horse lovers – horse riding.