Large lakes of the world - history of the world. The history of Russia and world history
Currently many people do not understand the word lake. The fact that many tourists describe it as something quiet and small. And in a sense they are right, but only…

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Cruise "Baikal Odyssey" on the ship "Empire," 8 days
Feel the beauty and breath of lake Baikal in the comfortable journey through the deepest lake on the planet! Feature a seven - day cruise of the Bay of Sosnovka,…

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Scuba diving in Baikal lake – Outlook – have a rest with us

The deep-water lake in the world — Baikal — is a popular site for diving. Located here and in the summer with boats, and in winter directly from ice through made thicker in its lane. Winter diving starts as soon as the ice is good enough, when it is possible to drive the machines. The annual timing of freezing of lake Baikal have large fluctuations. But the best period for scuba diving — beginning of summer, with transparent water and large light fluxes, a well penetrating to the depth. In late July, the Baikal is already in bloom, and the light gets worse at depth.

Winter dip

Especially delightful winter diving near the hummocks. Under water between the floes there are galleries and double the ice, where it is very interesting to swim. Some underwater ice gallery has a length of 30-40 m. the Feature is ice swimming — the possibility of losing orientation. Immersion therefore carried out only with a safety tether to the ice not to get lost and find a hole.

Diving on Baikal: the best places

Popular place of the lake Baikal diving — underwater steep ridges along the Western shores. The most beautiful places are off the coast of the Circum-Baikal railway line and along the Eastern coast of Olkhon island. There are deep, often absolutely straight canyons extending up to 70 m deep and a width of 2-20 m.

To the East of the island and further South from the Cape izhimey is situated the narrow and spectacular canyon with depths of up to 100 m and a width of from two. Another impressive place — a canyon in front of the river, between North Cedar and ELOHIYM headlands on the shore of the Baikal-Lena reserve. The river Ice got its name due to the ice and snow which lie in its valley and on the coast even in summer.

The unique underwater topography of the Bay Guba Frolikha and Th in the Northern Baikal. Along the shores and bottom of the lips — many large underwater rocks, dangerous to navigation.

The magnificent beauty of the bottom of the shallow waters near Ushkany Islands noted by all divers. The Islands are in the middle of the lake, 7 kilometers to the West of the Peninsula Svyatoy nos (Eastern coast, the TRANS-Baikal land of the Park) and are a chain of vertices of the Academic ridge. Ushkany archipelago — it is 4 Islands: Round, Long, Large and Thin. Further South from the Big island to the bottom of the lake is completely covered with vesicular basalt rock that poured out during the ancient eruption. This is the only place “nice lake Baikal”, where it is found underwater lava field.

Between the villages of Bolshie Koty and Listvyanka is the largest on lake Baikal underwater cave, the length of which exceeds 30 meters. To get into it by going down to a depth of 36 m. On the shore of the Small sea and on the cliffs of the mainland headlands — Aral, Kurminsky, Cape of Olkhon — Sagan-Zaba, Khoboy meet vulnerable caves, but their usual length is not more than 20 metres.

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