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About Slovenia. With love Wonder at the beauty of this small country begin as soon as preciese its borders. It seems that there is no place more beautiful. Tourists eyes…

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Cruise "Baikal Odyssey" on the ship "Empire," 8 days
Feel the beauty and breath of lake Baikal in the comfortable journey through the deepest lake on the planet! Feature a seven - day cruise of the Bay of Sosnovka,…

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The Amazing lake Powell on the Colorado river

Crystal clear water, surrounded by sandy beaches and towering up red-red canyon walls, reminiscent of alien landscapes — all of this is lake Powell, an artificial reservoir on the Colorado river. It lies on the territory of two U.S. States, beginning in Northern Arizona and extending to the southern part of Utah, including most of the lake. The total area is 658 km2 (maximum length — 299 km, the maximum width — 40 km), the volume of water in the period of high water is 30 km3. These dimensions make it the second largest after lake Mead reservoir in the United States. The average depth of the lake is about 40 meters and in the deepest parts can reach 170 meters.

The resulting pool, the making of which was flooded about 700 of the canyons, received its name in honor of the American Explorer John Wesley Powell, one-armed Civil war veteran who explored the river via three wooden boats in 1869.

The main purpose of the dam was the necessity of establishing reliable reservoir and the subsequent construction of hydroelectric power, but in the end, in addition to addressing economic issues and added the extraordinarily beautiful man-made landscape. That is why in 1972 lake Powell was included in the National recreation area Glen Canyon (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area). The waterfront is just 13% (161 of 390 ha) of a huge total area of the reserve (1 250 000 ha), which is a harsh arid desert.

The creation of artificial pools seriously reflected on the life of the Colorado river, biological balance and environment of this region that caused a huge number of protests from various organizations. Activists advocated the preservation of drowning underwater remains of ancient Indian settlements, ecological balance and the survival of local species of flora and fauna. The lake caused the deaths of many species of plants growing in nature, canyon, and transformed the status of the Aqua system, which disrupted the normal development of fish, many of which were for valuable and rare species. Also not particularly good effect has the influx of boats serving visitors to the recreation area.

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Victoria is the largest lake in Africa
Many of us request, "Name the largest lake in Africa" with confidence will answer that is Victoria. Being the source of the Nile river, it occupies the second place in…

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