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The Lake Kliluk

About the Dead sea heard – there is so much salt that it is impossible to drown. In the lake Kliluk also have salts and minerals, but there are so many of them that you can’t even swim, not to drown. This lake is among the ten most interesting and popular tourist reservoirs in the world, because it is capable of will change forever in the summer – as in Indiana the tale.

Instead of the water – salt stains

Canada – country, famous for its lakes. They are all very beautiful, with smooth surface, clean and unique. But the most famous lake is located in extreme North of America Canada – British Columbia, namely the Okanagan valley. Among the Canadians this valley is considered something of a local desert, because there is much less precipitation in a year than, for example, in nearby Vancouver. Live here and white people, and indigenous people – the Indians, zealously guarding their land and their rituals, is the Okanagan tribe. Thanks to them, tourists can observe the family cats in their original beauty, but from afar.

What is so interesting lake Kliluk. which is so called by the Indians, and whose name translates as “spotty”? Nothing special in the cold time of the year. The lake as a lake. But in summer, when the temperature exceeds 40 ° C limit, it turns into a real spotty the wonder of nature. The fact that the water of this lake is by nature full of a large number of different minerals magnesium sulfate, silver, titanium, sodium, calcium. In the heat of the lake water evaporates, leaving behind only a small puddle of different colors – depending on which mineral is predominant in this place: yellow, green, blue. Interestingly, these puddles-spots there are the same number of days in nevysokom year – 365. Between them is exposed and the bottom of the lake – pure dry mineral salts on which to walk, explore puddles, quite secure.

What about fish or algae? No, because in this salty water can survive only a few microorganisms.

Is the Spa closed area

Who knows what would happen to this lake if it weren’t for the Indians. Indeed, in 1979 it belonged to a certain Ernest Smith together W nearby lands. Having heard about this wondrous mineral water, sir Ernest bought this land and decided to build here a Spa resort, hunted mud lake. But there it was. To his defense were the Indians of the Okanagan valley, trying to buy the territory Liluca. This they managed to do only after two decades. During this time they managed to collect more than tis. dollars (note that Indians that’s a pretty big amount), which received the sir Ernest.

This is due to the zealous protection of the faith tribe Okanagan in the sanctity Liluca. Their legend tells that this lake stopped long war between the Indians. Warring tribes stopped near Liluca for a few minutes of truce – to heal the wounds, because everyone knew about the healing properties of the local mud. After the wounds were smeared with mud, they dragged on in a few minutes. What is the meaning of inflict wounds, if they heal so quickly? – I thought the Indians and ceased to fight.

Today the lake is unavailable near. The area is fenced with barbed wire with entrance gates that are closed. Like and pofotografirovatsya near puddles is only possible with the permission of the elders who are not always such permission be given. But the lake is well visible from the side of the road, whence it and see many tourists in the summer. Views of the spotted pond is really unique, therefore it is necessary to overcome the long road to it.

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